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Research Institute for Computational Science Co., Ltd. (RICOS Co., Ltd.)

  • CEO:
    Yu Ihara


Solving Product Design Challenges with AI and Simulation Technologies

The company optimizes manufacturing processes using AI, simulation, and high-performance computing technologies. The company is particularly strong in AI technology for predicting the results of 3D physical simulations, and has succeeded in predicting the results of fluid simulation calculations in seconds, which would take days with existing simulation methods - more than five orders of magnitude improvement.
In addition to researching technologies that enable faster and more accurate calculations, the company provides a browser-based design and simulation platform to realize a world in which scientific calculations are effectively used in all aspects of manufacturing.



RICOS was incorporated by Founding CEO Yu Ihara, based on the results of his doctoral research at the University of Tokyo's Graduate School of Frontier Sciences on 3D simulation (CAE) as a substitute for physical testing, after exploratory projects supported by IPA (Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan).


Original Graph Neural Network algorithms that enable ultra fast calculation for physical phenomena, with patents granted / filed internationally.

UTEC’s value add

Business development, management team building, and governance as a lead investor.
  • Highly accurate GNN algorithms catering to various types of physical simulations

  • Simulation tool utilizing GNN running on a browser