forest inc.

  • CEO:
    Shingo Yuhara


Bring joy and satisfaction to consumers around the globe through introducing sustainable and high quality Japanese products.

We focus on the serial acquisition of Japanese e-commerce brands. And help them grow and reach their full potential through the power of technology and innovation.



The Founders, with their deep experience in retail, marketing, and investment / M&A, have established forest to incubate brands that embrace the spirit of Japan and seek to introduce them to the borderless world of e-commerce.


Experienced Founders with a proven track record in acquiring consumer brands and growing them to reach their full potential. Identification of EC brands through proprietary data collection technology. Adding value to e-commerce brands through the application of digital marketing strategies, supporting cross-border e-commerce expansion, and optimizing sales and inventory planning through data analytics.

UTEC’s value add

Strategic planning support, human resource recruitment, organizational strategy, business development, financial support from seed phase
  • Founding members with unparalleled expertise in retail, marketing, and investment / M&A

  • Growing and scaling up Japanese e-commerce brands