Venture Partners Recruitment

In addition to investment professionals, UTEC offers Venture Partners (VPs) who work with investment professionals, applying their specialized skill in various fields to provide hands-on support to our portfolio companies. For instance, we have experts in Accounting and Finance, Technology, Intellectual Property, Legal Affairs, Human Resources, Public Relations, Global Business Development, and in IPO and M&A. VPs are expected to engage to add value to UTEC portfolio companies from their expertise at a closer distance than investment professionals.




Accounting & Finance Support

Leading the establishment of administration office, development of internal controls, and fundraising by finance professionals such as ex CFOs of listed companies or Certified Public Accountants.


Business Development Support

Formulating and executing the business development strategy by business development professionals from the life science field, professionals from management consulting firms, or executives from physical science start-ups.


Intellectual Property Support

Formulating IP strategy by professionals with IP strategy experience in start-ups or patent attorneys.


Global Business
Development Support

Assisting portfolio comapanies to expand their business globally through the support of professionals experienced in positions such as global operation heads in startup supporting corporations


IPO/M&A Support

Preparing for IPO/M&A by finance professionals with M&A experience from foreign investment banks, private equity funds or manufacturing companies

career step

Career Step

In principle, VPs will be supporting multiple Deep Tech Startups, and will be involved deeply in each startup providing hands-on support. If the needs of both Venture Partner and the startup match, it is possible for the VP to join the startup full time.
There is also an opportunity to participate in portfolio companies as a co-founder in seed stage startups before UTEC investment.

vp interview

Tomohiro Somehara, Venture Partner with Neural Pocket Inc.


Venture Partner Roundtable Discussion


Job Description

Venture Partner


Flexible working style/contract.
(Possible to work as part time or with an outsourcing agreement.)
(one category from)
  • Experience in management and IPO/M&A in venture companies that have affinity with our portfolio companies
  • Experience as a CFO in startups (CPA preferred)
  • Experience in M&A and IPO support in securities firms
  • Experience at a management consulting firm
  • CTO, PdM experience in a IT/deep-tech startup
  • Experience as an auditor in a startup
  • Experience in other industries such as AI, biotech, engineering, chemical, etc.
Preferred Skills
  • Strong motivation to support the establishment of ventures and creating new industries.
  • Motivation to start your own business or work for a startup in the future.
  • Ability to work with external partners and experts
  • Linguistic proficiency in English/Chinese (Business level)