UTEC is a seed/early stage technology focused venture capital firm associated
with academic institutes such as The University of Tokyo.


Innovation on a worldwide scale through
venture capital investment.

Innovation on a worldwide scale through
venture capital investment.

Since our inception back in 2004, we UTEC have conducted venture capital investments pioneering frontiers to solve global issues of humankind, by bringing capital, talent and knowledge, around science and technology.

With our latest fund UTEC 4 Limited Partnership founded with the commitment of approx. JPY 24.3 billion in 2018, we have managed four funds totaling approx. JPY 54.3 billion. We have invested in over 100 start-ups, 11 of which went public and 11 achieved substantial exits like M&A transactions. These successes have been the results of continuous, patient hard work by all our related distinguished parties including researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and people in collaborative firms, with whom we work together hard in order to establish start-ups and boost their business growth.

UTEC will continue to support the creation and growth of start-ups that vigorously foster business globally that make use of superior science and technology, collaborating with universities, research institutes and investment partners in and out of Japan. We will aim to contribute to solve issues of humankind on a global scale, by realizing a virtuous cycle of capital, talent and knowledge across industries, academies, countries and regions, via startups based on science and technology.

We appreciate your further continued support and patronage with us.

Tomotaka Goji, Managing Partner and President
January, 2020


  • Company Name
    The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Partners Co., Ltd.
  • Business contents
    Venture capital fund management operation through investment activities in venture companies that utilize the technology and human resources of universities and research institutions such as the University of Tokyo
  • Head office
    South Clinical Research Bldg. 3F
    7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku,
    Tokyo 113-8485
  • Corporation Lawyer
    Oh-ebashi lpc & partners


  • Managing Partner and PresidentTOMOTAKA GOJI
    Tomotaka (“Tommy”) Goji is Co-founder, Managing Partner of The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Partners Co. Ltd. (known as “UTEC”), and Managing Director of Japan Venture Capital Association. Since the inception of The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Co. Ltd. (previously known as UTEC) , he has raised and managed four funds totaling over JPY 54 billion, built the investment team, and guided UTEC's investments into seed/early stage startups. 11 of UTEC portfolio companies were acquired and 12 went public. The funds are established on the premise of the Japanese law called "The Limited Partnership Act for Investment," that he authored to enact in 1998 at the then Ministry of International Trade and Industry (now known as METI: the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) and became the foundation for Japanese venture capital funds thereafter. He left the government to initiate The University of Tokyo Edge Capital in 2004, after engaging in legislation at the Agency for Cultural Affairs and the Financial Services Agency. Since 2016, he has also researched on data science to analyze success factors for scientific startups. He graduated from the University of Tokyo’s Faculty of Law, earned his MBA at Stanford University, and received his Ph.D. in data science from the University of Tokyo’s School of Engineering. He was selected to speak on panels in Davos, Switzerland for Japan's Prime Minister Office in February 2018, and in Geneva, Switzerland for United Nations UNCTAD World Investment Forum in October, 2018.
  • ChairmanKEIJI MOGI
    Keiji Mogi is the chairman of UTEC. He graduated from Sophia University’s Faculty of Foreign Language in 1964, received a master's degree in University Catholic de Louvain in 1965, sponsored by Belgian government. At Mitsui Bank (currently SMBC), he served as the chairman secretary of the general affairs department , deputy branch manager of New York branch, head of Brussels branch after Foreign department, London branch, Brussels branch, and Head office.

    He served as the Public relations manager at Sakura Bank (currently SMBC) Director of Public Relations (assumed to be the director of the same bank in 1992). In 1996, he joined Sakura Card Co., Ltd. as a vice president, in 1997 he served as the Senior Vice President at Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd., from 2006 to 2016, he was a Bridgepoint Capital Advisor in the UK. From 2007 to 2012, he taught as Professor of Economics at Teikyo University Faculty of Economics. Since 2006 he has served as VenCap International Advisor in the UK.
  • Board DirectorTED YAMAMOTO
    Ted Yamamoto is a Partner at UTEC and one of Board directors of UTEC, focusing on seed and early stage information technology investments, and currently serves on the boards of VIVIDQ LIMITED, ROMS, Inc., Ministry of Movement Pte Lld. (SWAT), Forty Two Labs Private Ltd.(Evie.ai), Locix Inc., Fyusion, Inc., and others. He also serves as an Audit & Supervisory Board Member of Japan Data Science Consortium(JDSC) and supports Tier IV, Inc. as a board observer. Previously, he was on the boards of Mujin, Inc.(MBO in February 2019), Autonomous Control Systems Laboratory Ltd./ACSL ( IPO in December 2018-6232:TYO), Phyzios, Inc. (acquired by Google in February 2013), Naked Technology Inc. (acquired by mixi, Inc. in September 2011), etc.

    Prior to joining the team in July 2008, he spent 14 years at Mitsui & Co., Ltd. At Mitsui he was a core member of its venture capital operation, with 10 years expertise as venture capitalists at Mitsui's Corporate Development Division and at Mitsui Ventures - Mitsui's venture capital firm in the US and in Japan. As an investment partner at Mitsui Ventures' New York and Tokyo offices, he led investments in US and Japanese start-ups, and worked with the management to build global businesses together. In 1997 he was also seconded to Nippon Venture Capital Co. as a Deputy General Manager. He studied Physics at the University of Oxford and holds M.A. (Oxon.).
  • Board DirectorNORIAKI SAKAMOTO
    Nori Sakamoto is a Partner and Board Director at UTEC, focusing on high growth seed/early stage life science and IT fields. Nori currently serves as an external director of ZenmuTech Co., Ltd., Finatext Corporation, Institution for a Global Society Co., Ltd., Retriever Co., Ltd and others.

    Prior to joining UTEC in August 2014, he worked at McKinsey and Company for 4 years. As an engagement manager, he worked on projects for pharma, medical devices, auto, high-tech, consumer goods and retail companies, supporting Marketing & Sales, Supply Chain Management, R&D and M&A strategies. Prior to McKinsey, he worked in his family business as a president for 1.5 year and then for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) for 5 years. He was engaged in developing the acts for SME finance and home appliance recycling. Moreover, he led several startup incubation projects and cutting-edge national projects, such as “Super Creator/Junior Super Creator Project” and “GIS Business Grid Computing Project”.
    Nori graduated from the University of Tokyo’s Faculty of Economy in 2003, earned his MBA from Columbia Business School in 2010. He was a co-translator of “Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies” at McKinsey.
  • Board DirectorATSUSHI USAMI
    Atsushi Usami is a Partner and Board Director at UTEC, focusing on seed/early-stage life science investments. He currently serves on the boards of Repertoire Genesis Inc., Goryo Chemical Inc., EditForce Inc., MiRTel Co. Ltd., Epigeneron Inc., Bugworks Research inc., bitBiome Inc., OriCiro Genomics, Inc and others.Prior to joining UTEC in October 2013, he worked as a strategy consultant at Mitsubishi Research Institute, serving pharmaceutical, medical device and other manufacturing companies across a range of areas including mid-to-long term management planning and new business development.In 2012, he received a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences from the University of Tokyo. He provides support for Life Science Innovation Network Japan (LINK-J).
  • Director (outside company)MASAO HIRANO
    Masao Hirano is currently a Professor at Waseda Business School (Graduate School of Business and Finance), and the president of Japan Business Model Association. He has an extensive professional background in both private equity investment and management consulting. He graduated from Tokyo University’s Faculty of Engineering, Department of Applied Chemistry in 1980 then joined at JGC Corporation as a project engineer. In 1987, he joined McKinsey. He became a partner in 1993, served as a managing partner, Tokyo. From 2007 to 2011, he was a Co-Head of Carlyle Japan, one of buy-out funds of a global asset management firm, in which he led a few private equity investments in Japan. He graduated from Stanford University, M.S. Engineering Economic Systems.
  • Corporate Auditor (external)HIROYUKI TAKAHASHI
    Hiroyuki Takahashi is an external corporate auditor of UTEC. He graduated from the University of Tokyo’s Faculty of Nuclear Engineering in 1987 (Master of Engineering). In 1989, he became a research associate. He served as a Lecturer at the international cooperation and education office, Associate Professor of Research into Artifact, Center for Engineering, Associate Professor of High Energy Research Organization, Professor of Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management and Department of Bio-engineering. After that, he is now a Professor at Institute of Engineering Innovation, The University of Tokyo. Since April 2014, he serves as a Special Advisor to the Dean of Engineering, The University of Tokyo. Since November 2017, he also serves as a Vice Director of Division of University Corporate Relations, The University of Tokyo.
  • Corporate Auditor (external)KAZUKI NAKAMOTO
    Kazuki Nakamoto is currently a member of Asset management committee of Kindai University and an advisor to Crosspoint Advisors, Japan’s leading independent advisory firm. He graduated from Osaka University’s Faculty of Science Department of Math in 1976 then joined Daido Life Insurance Company. He became a Manager of Operations Planning Department in 1996, served as the Board Director in 1998, the Managing Director in 2001, the Director and Managing Executive Officer in 2006, the Senior Managing Executive Officer, Director in 2007, the Representative Director Senior Managing Executive Officer in 2008, the Senior Managing Executive Officer, Director in 2010, later the Standing Corporate Auditor, and retired the Standing Corporate Auditor in 2014.


As of August 31, 2020

  • UTEC 4 Limited Partnership
    January 17, 2018
    General Partners
    UTEC Partners Limited Liability Partnership
    Fund size
    About 24.3 billion yen
    Number of Investments
  • UTEC 3 Limited Partnership
    October 15, 2013
    General Partners
    UTEC 3Partners Limited Liability Partnership
    Fund size
    About 14.5 billion yen
    Number of Investments
  • UTEC 2 Limited Partnership
    July 31, 2009
    General Partners
    The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Partners Co., Ltd. UTEC Venture Partners, Inc.
    Fund size
    About 7.1 billion yen
    Number of Investments
  • UTEC 1 Limited Partnership Exit
    July 1, 2004
    General Partners
    The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Co., Ltd.
    Fund size
    About 8.3 billion yen
    Number of Investments