Startup Opportunity Club

The Startup Opportunity Club (SOC) is a community for selected professionals who are interested in solving global issues of humankind and in the management of UTEC portfolio companies. SOC members will be provided with closed information about Science/Technology Startups and opportunities to communicate with our portfolio companies. As a track record, we have more than 100 cases where SOC members joined our portfolio companies.

Startup Opportunity Club


Why you should get connected to startups through the UTEC SOC?


    Opportunities to participate in promising
    startups evaluated by VC

    Opportunities to participate in promising startups as co-founders or executives after evaluation by UTEC, which has invested in more than 100 Science/Technology startups and has extensive experience in IPOs and M&A in Japan and abroad.


    Access to undisclosed position information at
    Science/Technology Startups

    Information such as co-founder positions with researchers / entrepreneurs, and non-public management positions at startups that are not advertised on web media or offered through recruitment agencies.


    Interactive assessment of skills and culture fit before joining

    Unlike the usual process of a quick job change, you can take your time to assess your skills and culture fit through our SOC events and informal discussions with the management team before and after officially joining the startup. You can also receive third-party advice from UTEC to help you make the right decision.


    Networking with startup management teams and VCs

    We provide networking opportunities with portfolio company management, UTEC members, etc. through closed events.


How to join UTEC SOC

We are looking for members with the following aspirations:
  • Intent to be a part of the management/leadership team of Science/Technology Startups or starting a business in the future.
  • Strong aspiration to solve global issues of humankind by utilizing science and technologies
  • Have a significant track record in professional firms, technology companies, or startups

Only those who pass the document screening will be contacted.

How to join UTEC SOC