Studio Unbuilt Inc.

  • CEO:
    Keishi Morishita



Architecture DX through High Quality Design

The goal is to increase access to architectural design through technology and to enable more people to live in high quality spaces.Currently, the company operates “Studio Unbuilt”, one of the largest crowdsourcing services specializing in architecture, and “madree”, a home marketplace business based on high-quality floor plans.



The two founders Keiji Morishita and Aya Morikawa who studied architecture at Nagoya Institute of Technology and then gained experience in the IT industry, cofounded Studio Unbuilt in 2017 with the aim of revolutionizing the architectural design industry using IT. The company launched "madree," a website that allows users to request floor plan designs via smartphone, to solve a pain in the custom-built housing area that was discovered while managing "Studio Unbuilt," their original crowdsourcing service specializing in architecture.


Passion and experience of the founding team in the architectural design industry, access to architectural experts through Japan's only crowdsourcing operation specializing in architecture, and continuous accumulation of design data through the madree's new business model

UTEC’s value add

HR support, finance strategy, business development
  • madree: a design-based house building platform

  • STUDIO UNBUILT: crowdsourcing services specializing in architecture