Green Earth Institute Co., Ltd. (Exited)



Using Corynebacterium to solve the energy crisis, food crisis, and climate change.

“Biorefinery”, which refers to the production of biofuels and green chemicals from inedible biomass and has faced high expectation as a promising solution to the world’s pressing global issues of food crisis, energy crisis, and climate change

Green Earth Institute aims to commercialize the biorefinery process through the innovative RITE bioprocess and to expand globally as a biorefinery industry leader. It has already achieved commercial-scale production and commercialization is underway in areas such as amino acids and cosmetic materials.



GEI was established in September 2011, as Japan's first public foundation spin-off, in order to make practical use of innovative biorefinery technology using the Corynebacterium which was developed by Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth (RITE).


Traditional fermentation process requires biomass. However, GEI can produce bio-fuels and green chemicals at low cost from non-edible biomass such as stems, leaves, and debris. Furthermore, by leveraging a wide range of domestic and overseas networks that have been created through their business activities so far, GEI has established a brand new platform for the bio-refinery industry.

UTEC’s value add

UTEC has been supporting GEI since the pre-conception stage and continued to offer hands-on support on a variety of management, business and capital issues, up until its IPO that was achieved in December 2021.
  • Using Coryneform bacteria to produce biofuels and green chemicals.

  • Non-edible biomass such as barks, stems, leaves being used as raw materials.

  • A development base for the global expansion of "Green Earth Research Center"