Algal Bio Co., Ltd.

  • President and CEO:
    Tsuyoshi Takeshita, Ph. D.



Saving the world with plants and algae

Algal Bio Co., Ltd., an food tech startup, was established in 2018 based upon 20 years of research results at the University of Tokyo. The company uses several thousand unique strains of algae in its possession that produce functional nutrients, fatty acid, and carotenoids that have applications in wide-ranging fields including food products, cosmetics, medicine, and fuel.



Professor emeritus Shigeyuki Kawano’s 20 year-long algal bio research formed the basis of the company.


The company is in possession of several thousand algal strains based on its Intellectual Property in the fields of algal strain production, algal cultivation, and derivation of functional substances

UTEC value up

Algal Bio has been receiving commercialization support from UTEC since the earliest stages of research. UTEC has continued to provide broad-range management advice to increase the breadth and scope of the company’s projects as a lead investor.
  • Chlorella has been cultivated to produce a variety of functional substances. Its color corresponds to carotenoids and long-chain fatty acids

  • A typical algal body (left)
    A super oil-producing algal body (right)

  • Mass-cultivation using a thin-layer light bioreactor