Deep30 Limited Partnership

  • Managing Partner:
    Takayoshi Kawakami


Updating the future together through the unlimited possibilities of deep learning

A VC fund specializing in AI technologies such as deep learning that consists of individuals connected to the University of Tokyo’s Matsuo Lab, which is famous for AI research. Offering technical advice and networking opportunities related to the field of AI to the invested companies. Providing funding for newly established industry-academia startups along with hands-on support in the form of business planning from scratch with the assistance of engineers with deep learning knowledge. Ventures that are in possession of advanced deep learning technologies, and companies that are expected to see large advancements in their business models through the use of deep learning, may also be eligible to receive funding even past the initial stages of their projects.



Since coordination with hardware is so important for AI technologies, early-stage
investment necessitates a higher risk than conventional investment for internet
businesses. To enable this, an investor that can see the potential of realizing AI technologies, such as deep learning, is required.


While acting as a bridge for industry-academia partnerships, Deep30 provides technological advice for societal implementation and back office support. It establishes
integrated support structure that provides research development in the field of AI and, training for engineers.

UTEC’s value add

Guidance related to knowledge of business, legal, and financial affairs. required to
establish and operate a VC fund. Introduction of potential customers and allies to the invested companies and follow-up funding.