Neural Pocket Inc. (Exited)



Leveraging the power of AI engineering to improve society

Neural Pocket was founded in 2018 by a former business consultant with a vision to “upgrade the world for a better tomorrow” using the power of artificial intelligence.
Leveraging edge AI and image recognition technologies, Neural Pocket offers various AI analysis tools to clients in a wide range of industries, such as apparel, real estate, mobility, infrastructure, and advertising. Neural Pocket provides products for smart advertisement, smart city and store efficiency improvement. Several Japanese clients use their tool to improve shopper experience, increase revenue, and eliminate unnecessary cost.



Neural Pocket was started in 2018 by Mr. Shigematsu, a former business consultant at McKinsey & Company’s Tokyo, Frankfurt and Chicago offices. While AI has already been adopted in various industries, it has not been actively used in apparel and consumer fashion industry. Neural Pocket targeted the fashion and apparel industry as its beachhead market, and leveraged its proprietary AI algorithms to expand to other sectors such as smart city, real estate, advertising and retail. Neural Pocket has established a branch in Singapore and aims to be a global AI company.


Neural Pocket uses their edge AI technologies and image recognition to provides services in the areas of mobility, smart signage, smart city, smart infrastructure, and demand prediction. They offer various AI analysis tools to clients in apparel, real estate, and advertising, such as fashion trend prediction, merchandizing optimization, smart advertisement, smart city, and store efficiency improvement.

UTEC’s value add

Leveraging rich experiences gained through investments in multiple deep-tech startups, UTEC has been actively supporting Neural Pocket in team building, financing, academic collaborations, competitive positioning, and growth strategies.
  • AI technology on image recognition

  • Fashion trend analysis service