obniz Inc.

  • CEO | Co-Founder & Engineer:
    Yuki Sato



Make Everything Online

Cambrian Robotics develops and sells IoT systems that turn electronic devices into APIs on the cloud under the slogan “Make Everything Online”. Their aim is to realize a world where anyone can easily connect anything to the internet. The development of IoT electronic devices requires long hours due to the need for development of both the firmware side and the web application side to connect to the internet and operate the electronic components from a remote location. To resolve that issue, Cambrian developed “Obniz”, a technology that allows all development to be done centrally from a PC or smartphone via the cloud. This reduces labor hours for development, lowers technical hurdles, and enables the implementation of complex processes, such as image recognition that are not limited by the CPU specifications of the microcontroller board.



Conventionally, IoT using microcontroller boards have faced various hurdles, such as the need to build a development environment, special development languages, and knowledge of hardware as well as software. obniz Inc. was incorporated to realize a world where anyone can freely create IoT electronics in 2014.


Proprietary, firmware-less technology integrates firmware and program on cloud, which enables to add and upgrade IoT hardware and programs immediately without rewriting the firmware.

UTEC’s value add

UTEC provides advice on finance and sales strategy, support for recruitment, introduction of corporate customers, support for legal affairs, etc.
  • Multiple edges devices can be controlled and cooperated by a single program

  • obniz, realizing remote monitoring/management at construction sites