• Managing Partner:
    Sanjay Nath
  • Managing Partner:
    Karthik Reddy



Blume is India’s largest homegrown and most active tech-focused early-stage VC firm with an AUM of over $400M.

Blume is one of the most active tech-focused VC funds in India. With its new $102M fund, Blume is investing actively in Indian tech startups that innovate for global markets. The emergence of GreyOrange, Tricog, Locus, Stellapps, Carbon Clean Solutions, Unacademy, and many more innovation-heavy early winners across Funds I and II along with strong exits and a comprehensive platform approach gives Blume an upper hand today in driving the best founders to work with them and create a repeatable success story overseas.



Founded in 2010 by Karthik Reddy and Sanjay Nath, Blume raised its first fund of $22M in 2011, which was supplemented with an Opportunity Fund. It subsequently raised a $60M Fund II in 2015, a $41M Fund IIA Opportunity Fund, a $102M Fund III in 2018 and over $200M Fund IV in 2021.


Blume has spurred the emergence of tech startup ecosystem in India by investing in GreyOrange, Tricog, Locus, Carbon Clean Solutions, and many more innovation-heavy startups. Blume is also the pioneer of Platform approach in India with advisory services, hiring and cross-border support,etc. Some of the key exits from Blume’s portfolio include Taxiforsure (acquired by Olacabs), Zipdial (acquired by Twitter), Minjar (acquired by Nutanix) and E2E (partial exit with IPO listing on NSE Emerge).

UTEC’s value add

UTEC is Blume’s largest LP from Japan and has partnered with Blume to launch an initiative called BUDHA (Blume UTEC Deep-tecH Accelerator) to invest in Indian startups working on deep science and technology, and empower them to emerge as winners in global markets
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