JDSC Co., Ltd. (Exited)


Leveraging data science to create positive impact on profit margins.

Japan Data Science Consortium, JDSC, is a professional firm focusing on bottom-line impact, especially in the area of supply chain management. Through formulating, unifying, and utilizing data between companies, JDSC aims to “Upgrade Japan”. - Demand forecasting by SKU can optimize logistics costs in the areas of assortment, pricing, and inventory.- Enhance training effectiveness and efficiency by automating the training process.To positively impact bottom-lines, it is necessary to increase human productivity supported by AI, instead of replacing human labor by AI. To that end, JDSC provides modules and comprehensive support – from system construction to corporate process transformation in a way that the AI system generates profits for the client.



Satoshi Eltes Kato founded the incorporated association, a precursor of JDSC, in 2014 after realizing at P&G and McKinsey that data utilization can fundamentally change corporate processes and social structures. As the association's business expanded, it was turned into a joint-stock corporation.


JDSC is capable of bridging the company's practical business and the knowledge of academia, by leveraging knowledge relating to IoT/data utilization from Koshitsuka Laboratory at The University of Tokyo's III/GSII, and that relating to AI/Blockchain from Tanaka Laboratory at the University of Tokyo's Department of Systems Innovation. Many graduate student engineers are also on the team.

UTEC’s value add

UTEC supports JDSC with its business model development, strategy formulation, management hiring, introduction of the University of Tokyo academics, operational excellence and finance.
  • Optimize delivery route by predicting home absence

  • Automate picture reading and processing