AI inside Inc.

  • CEO:
    Taku Toguchi



Realizing better society by making AI usable by everyone.

AI inside is a startup that uses unique form of AI to recognize images. The company initially created a product in the field of AI-based OCR for handwritten forms. It quickly turned this product into a service, and reached the number 1 position in the field. Using AI inside’s product allows for instantaneous, highly accurate digitization of documents that had previously needed to be input by hand. First users are in financial institutions for documents such as money transfer requests and loan applications. Recognition engine is available on the cloud or on premise. The product is receiving high praise from financial institutions for its patented high security methods of de-identifying information before processing and storing it. The product’s unique image recognition engine is acting as a beachhead in the field of character recognition, and is now starting to be used in other fields.



As Japan’s productive age population decreases, AI can contribute to society via creating improvements in productivity in the digitization of text and image data, which is being performed in all fields of business.


A unique system to generate unlimited training data for OCR engines via image processing/DNN has allowed for world-leading recognition abilities that surpass even Google Vision. Everything from layout recognition to natural language processing is performed via AI. Free format, messy handwritten text, and design fonts can also be recognized with a high level of accuracy.

UTEC value up

Support for acquisition of personnel and new technologies, assistance with improving business/product strategies
  • DX Suite is promoting a digital revolution

  • Highly accurate handwritten character recognition