AI inside Inc. (Exited)



Empowering a better society by democratizing the access of AI

AI inside is a startup that develops unique AI products which recognize images. The company initially created a product in the field of AI-based OCR for handwritten forms. They quickly turned this product into a service and reached No. 1 position in the field. AI inside’s product allows instantaneous and highly accurate digitization of documents that previously had to be done manually. Their early users are financial institutions who use AI-OCR for documents such as money transfer requests and loan applications. Their product has received praise from financial institutions for their patented high-security methods of de-identifying information when processing and storing documents. AI inside can provide their product via cloud, on-premises or hybrid. The product’s unique image recognition engine enabled the company to target character recognition as a beachhead, and is now being applied to other fields.



As Japan’s productive-age population decreases, AI can contribute to the Japanese society by improving productivity through digitization of text and image data, which is applicable to all fields of business.


AI inside develops a unique system that generates unlimited training data for OCR engines via image processing/DNN. This technology allows them to have a world-class recognition engine that surpasses Google in several benchmark tests. Everything from layout recognition to natural language processing can be handled by AI Inside’s products. Free format, messy handwritten text, and design fonts can also be recognized with a high level of accuracy.

UTEC’s value add

UTEC supports AI Inside in recruiting and acquisition of new technologies.
UTEC is also actively engaged in improving AI Inside’s business and product strategies
  • DX Suite is promoting a digital revolution

  • Highly accurate handwritten character recognition