• CEO & Co-founder:
    Dr. Anand AnandKumar



Development of Novel Class of Antibiotics exhibiting Broad Spectrum Activity against all-known classes of drug-resistant bacteria.

Superbugs - microorganisms resistant to antibiotics - cause life-treating illnesses. By 2050, drug-resistant infections are projected to kill ~10 million people per year. Bugworks aims to tackle this global Anti-microbial Resistance (AMR) crisis by developing a novel class of antibiotics exhibiting broad-spectrum activity against Gram-negative and Gram-positive infections. Using the proprietary ELUDE™ platform, Bugworks has come up with a first-in-class antibiotic series named GYROX that is effective on all known classes of drug-resistant bacteria. Bugworks is the first Asian company to win the prestigious CARB-X grant, amounting to over $10M. Bugworks has successfully completely pre-clinical studies of their lead asset GYROX-1 (Intravenous for Critical care infections).



Bugworks was started in 2014 by industry veterans Dr.Anand Anankumar, Dr. Santanu Datta and Dr. V Balasubramanian to tackle the issue of global Anti- Microbial Resistance(AMR). In July 2017, Bugworks became the first Asian company to win the prestigious CARB-X grant. The Bugworks Research lab in Bangalore, India has a team of several scientists and PhDs with a combined experience over 200 years in drug discovery. Bugworks has an extended team in US and Australia.


Using proprietary ELUDE™ platform, Bugworks has come up with a first- in-class antibiotic series with the following characteristics: Efflux Unbinding, Dual-target Mechanism attacking two enzymes relating to bacterial DNA structure(Gyrase and Topo IV) and Broad-spectrum utility effective on all known classes of drug resistant bacteria (NDM, KPC, ESBL,MRSA etc.)

UTEC’s value add

UTEC supports Bugworks by facilitating opportunities to partner with Japanese pharmaceutical companies, and collaborate with Professor Satoshi Murakami of Tokyo Institute of Technology, who clarified the crystal structure of multidrug release transporter AcrB, as the company's Scientific Advisor. UTEC also supports Bugworks by offering active financial advisory, fundraising support and strategic business advice.
  • Proprietary ELUDE™ platform of Bugworks