Nelumbo, Inc.

  • Chief Executive Officer:
    Liam Berryman
  • Chief Technology Officer:
    Lance Brockway



Materials innovation to enable the best products in energy, environment, and entertainment.

With a multi-layered, tunable, and scalable suite of surface modifications, Nelumbo provides solutions that meet the demands of a plethora of customers and markets. The company has thoroughly proven superior fluid and corrosion control and continues to develop new opportunities for its customers.



Nelumbo was founded by UC Berkeley engineers with a lifelong desire to see broad adoption and acceptance of materials science as a new path for delivering value to the world. The main product suite today targets longstanding frost and corrosion challenges with heat exchangers in Air Conditioners to deliver a bold move in a market that impacts billions of people and has decades of opportunity.


-Unique, innovative platform technology in material science
-Business model that allows customers and Nelumbo to share the benefit of superior technology and manufacturing
-Excellent team

UTEC’s value add

The beachhead market for the technology platform is Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC-R).  Four Japanese companies are ranked in the top 10 manufacturers of HVAC-R, and in terms of customer market, Japan is ranked the second after China.  UTEC has provided support in building business alliances and exploring potential M&A partners especially Japan.
  • Cofounders Dave Walther, Ph.D., Liam Berryman, and Lance Brockway, Ph.D.

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