Metcela Inc.

  • Co-CEO:
    Kenichi Nogami
  • Co-CEO:
    Takahiro Iwamiya, PhD.



Revolutionizing the Way We Treat Heart Failure

Founded in 2016, Metcela is a clinical-stage biotech company, researching and developing regenerative cell therapies. Based on Dr. Iwamiya’s research on a type of fibroblasts called VCAM-1-positive Cardiac Fibroblasts (VCF), the company is now working on the application of autologous & tissue-specific cell therapy for ischemic heart failure. The First-in-Human Phase I clinical trial will be initiated in 2021.



With the aim of commercializing the results of Dr. Takahiro Iwamiya's doctoral research on cardiac fibroblasts at Tokyo Women's Medical University, Metcela was cofounded in 2016 after two years of preparatory work by Dr. Iwamiya and Kenichi Nogami, who had experience at a foreign investment bank and a start-up.


-Autologous and tissue-specific cell therapy: high efficacy and low-cost manufacturing
-Unique positioning by combining the cells with a proprietary mapping and catheter delivery technology which enables safe and accurate cell injections to the heart
-Proven mechanism of action of the therapy as a platform-enabling technology, in addition to proven efficacy in multiple animal models

UTEC’s value add

Financial strategy and hiring talents
  • Human VCAM-1-positive Cardiac Fibroblasts

  • Cardiomyocytes and VCFs forms a tight network when co-cultured together

  • 4 clear pillars distinguishing Metcela from the rest