PM Labs, Inc.(AGARA ) (Exited)



AI-driven Autonomous Voice Agents for Enterprises

The Customer Service (CS) experience is broken, and static IVRs have not made things markedly better. Enterprises, on the other hand, want to deliver a wholesome contact-centre Customer Experience (CX), but are plagued by: cost, call volumes, resilience of call centers, prioritization of important calls which presents a $300B opportunity. Enter Agara, an autonomous Voice AI Agent for Customer Support, that can auto-resolve upto 40% of the contact-center calls by having direct, dynamic conversations with customers.



Agara was started in 2017 by Abhimanyu, an experienced operator and Arjun, a Machine Learning expert. Abhimanyu formerly held executive positions in startups such as StayZilla, Investment banks such as MAPE & Rabobank, and is an alumnus of IIM-Calcutta. Arjun holds a MS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, and formerly served as the Head of Applied NLP/Cortex @ Twitter HQ in San Francisco. Agara has a team of over 35 business experts and technologists spread across US and India.


Agara's Voice bot is powered by voice-first deep learning algorithms for Spoken Language Understanding (SLU), a dynamic Dialog Management system (DM), and controlled Natural Language Generation (NLG). Agara has 6 patents and 2 publications in conversational AI. Agara's products have been adopted by Fortune 500 clients including. P&G in 10 countries, reducing Case handling time by 30%.

UTEC’s value add

UTEC offers active strategic support to Agara by collaborating with its partner fund Blume Ventures in India. Additionally, UTEC supplements Agara through client and Go- to-market partnerships with Japanese Multinational Corporations.
  • Agara Team - engineers, product leaders and business experts

  • Client-facing dashboards for demonstrating ROI of the product