TXP Medical Co., Ltd.

  • CEO:
    Tomohiro Sonoo, M.D.



Saving Lives with Medical Data

TXP Medical, Inc. is a start-up that aims to improve the quality of medical care by providing IT systems that both improve field operations and structured data in acute care, making data-driven decision-making the norm.
The company provides IT systems including NEXT Stage ER, a core product for large hospitals such as university hospitals, general emergency hospitals, emergency services, local governments, and medical researchers.



CEO Dr. Tomohiro Sonoo developed software on his own to solve the problems he faced in the field of emergency medicine at Hitachi General Hospital where he was an active emergency physician. In 2017, he started TXP Medical to expand the software to hospitals across Japan.


TXP Medical has competitive advantages in that it has a deep understanding of the needs of the medical field, strong networks of regional flagship hospitals across Japan, and a rigorous research team that continues to publish in national and international conferences and papers.

UTEC’s value add

As a lead investor in Series A and beyond, UTEC supports TXP Medical in making strategies to increasing corporate value and in recruitment to form a strong team. 
  • Transition from whiteboard-based system to NSER

  • NSER focuses on operational transformations of tertiary emergency centers

  • Integration of fragmented medical data around acute medical cares