X Mile Inc.

  • CEO:
    Hiroyuki Noro



Aims for a world where non-desk workers are the main players with the power of technology

In recent years, the sense of shortage of non-desk workers has become more prominent than other industries, even in the trend of Japan's population decrease. On the downside of this shortage, young people are increasingly inclined to white-collar jobs, making it even more difficult to acquire young successors in the non-desk industry. However, on the busy and overworked sites due to the shortage of personnel, there are few resources for securing personnel and improving productivity, and there is also a shortage of digital talent within the company.

Against this background, we focus on the ""non-desk industry"" which has not received attention for its contributions, in order to resolve the shortage of personnel and promote digitalization.



Having experience in leading new business units at a major startup and seed-stage fintech startup (as a Director and COO), Mr.Noro founded Xmile in 2019 to solve the problem of "the extent of the room for digital transformation in the blue-collar industry" and "driver shortage" in the blue collar industry.


X Mile has developed Japan's largest non-desk worker-specific job search service, "X Work," with over 100,000 registered users. Additionally, it supports non-desk workers' job changes through "Driver Career" and "Construction Career" etc. Furthermore, it supports digitalization and productivity improvement of operations through the SaaS "LogiPoke" for transportation companies.

UTEC’s value add

Leading Series A funding as a lead investor, also providing support for sales, recruitment, and management.