Startbahn, Inc.

  • CEO:
    Taihei Shii



The realization of a society where art is democratized and familiarized as property and culture.

With the evolution of technology, we are transitioning from a society that focuses on labor to one that focuses on Quality of Life.

In the future, Startbahn expects that people’s creativity will have a greater role in advancing not only the culture but also the economy. Startbahn believes in the building the infrastructure to bridge the gap between technology and art.

Startbahn is developing “Art Blockchain Network (ABN)” as a core product that enables recording, tracking, and sharing information of artwork by utilizing blockchain technology. Startbahn also develops API for making better use of ABN and jointly managed art-related web services.



(Taihei) Shii, a contemporary artist and a graduate of the University of Tokyo's Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies was concerned about the lack of technological infrastructure in the field of art despite many technological infrastructures being already developed in other fields. This became his motivation to found Startbahn with the aim of bridging the gap between technology and art.


Startbahn has acquired related patents in Japan and the US. The Blockchain x Art field is blue-ocean from a competition standpoint.

Startbahn is highly recognized as a leading company in Art x Blockchain initiative in Japan and is well-positioned to propose innovative changes.

Startbahn has technical expertise in blockchain application design and development based on its continuous effort to develop and improve ABN.

UTEC’s value add

Globally, neither the legal procedures nor the social credentials of blockchain technology is established yet. However, UTEC supports Startbahn in business development strategy as well recruiting to build a strong team. UTEC’s investment in Startbahn shows a global-level confidence in our commitment to blockchain technology and its application in the art industry.

  • “Art Blockchain Network (ABN),”developed by Startbahn, designed to be an infrastructure for art industry utilizing blockchain technology.

  • Web service “B-OWND”,developed jointly by Tanseisha and Startbahn, on which Japanese traditional craft works are sold with ABN blockchain certificates. (https://www.b-ownd.com/

  • Web service “startbahn.org”, managed by Startbahn, on which artists and galleries sell their artworks and issue blockchain certificates online.