RegCell Co., Ltd.

  • CEO:
    Michael McCullar



Overcoming Unmet Needs with Innovative Immunotherapy Using Regulatory T Cells

Regcell Co., Ltd., founded in January 2016, aims to develop novel therapeutic technologies for autoimmune diseases, graft-versus-host disease, allergy and cancer through augmenting or suppressing immune responses by targeting regulatory T (Treg) cells.

Tregs actively maintain immune homeostasis by suppressing abnormal or excessive immune responses to self and foreign antigens.

Two projects are currently in progress. One is a Treg cell therapy by converting disease-mediating T cells into functionally stable Treg cells in vitro to treat autoimmune and other inflammatory diseases. The other is to explore small compounds that are specifically able to deplete Treg cells in tumor tissues and thereby enhance anti-cancer immunity.



To contribute to society with the research achievements of Dr. Shimon Sakaguchi, professor of Osaka University and Kyoto University and discoverer of Treg


-Our patent-protected Treg platform has generated stable and functional induced Treg (S/F-iTreg) which has competitive advantages compared to other Tregs in terms of stability, functionality, scalability, safety, and pathogenic antigen-specificity
-S/F-iTreg cells express a high-level of Treg function-inducing molecules and achieve Treg-specific DNA hypomethylation which enables functional stability

UTEC’s value add

Hands-on support in developing business strategies and resources to execute them
  • Concept of S/F-iTreg therapy

  • Treg specific DNA hypomethylation