Eureka Robotics Pte. Ltd.

  • Co-founder & CEO:
    Dr. Pham Quang Cuong
  • Co-founder & CTO:
    Dr. Hung Phan



Development of Robotic Controllers for HA-HA (High Accuracy-High Agility) tasks in precision manufacturing to tackle labor shortage and unlock exponential productivity gains

While the 1st Wave of Robotics (pre-2010) involved Assembly-line robots, and 2nd Wave consisted of warehouse robots (2010 onwards), Eureka is primed to be a pioneer of the 3rd Wave of Robotics to automate tasks that require ‘HA-HA: High Accuracy-High Agility,’ often regarded as the holy grail of industrial robotics. Eureka caters to a wide range of use cases in Automotive, Electronics and Optics.



Eureka Robotics’ AI-powered Robotic Controller is a brainchild of a decade of research at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore, The University of Tokyo (UTokyo), and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). CEO Dr. Pham Quang Cuong is an Associate Professor of Robotics at NTU (on leave), a former JSPS Fellow at UTokyo and holds a PhD in Neuroscience & Robotics from Sorbonne University France. CTO Dr. Hung Phan is a PhD in Robotics from NTU. Eureka has offices in Singapore, Vietnam, and France.


Eureka’s Controllers can achieve High Accuracy-High Agility using an ensemble of proprietary in-house algorithms in Calibration, Force Control, Computer Vision, and Real-Time Motion Planning. Eureka’s customers and partners include Denso Wave in Japan, II-IV in Singapore, ATEQ in USA and Wavelength Opto-Electronic in China.

UTEC’s value add

As a lead investor, UTEC helps Eureka to scale-up via strategic support on product, business development, distribution, and fundraising. Additionally, UTEC is supporting the company’s expansion into Japan by facilitating teambuilding, client relationships, and Go-to-Market partnerships.
  • Eureka co-founders Dr. Cuong and Dr. Hung at their lab in NTU

  • The Eureka Controller capable of handling HA-HA tasks