Oxford Quantum Circuits Limited

  • Founding CEO and Director:
    Ilana Wisby



To put quantum in the hands of humanity to solve the world’s most challenging problems.

Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC) is Europe’s premier player driving the quantum revolution. OQC develops technology that harnesses the power of quantum to do things previously deemed impossible, using state-of-the-art, innovative superconducting quantum hardware spun out of the University of Oxford. From enabling life-changing drug discoveries to unbreakable cryptography, from realising the full potential of AI to unlocking nature's best-kept design secrets, OQC's quantum processors will unleash the smartest minds to shape a brighter future for all.



Dr. Peter Leek, the Research Fellow at University of Oxford who heads the UK's Superconducting Quantum Computing development at the Leek Lab, developed OQC's core IP - the Coaxmon - a packaging technology based on a 3D architecture. After obtaining the patent, Peter Leek founded OQC in June 2017 as a spin-out from the University of Oxford.


OQC’s patented 3D architecture, the Coaxmon, combines unparalleled scalability with world-class performance. Execution leadership of the management team launching the UK’s first commercially-available quantum computer in 2018 and debuting its latest system, Lucy, an 8-QPU quantum computer, on Amazon Braket in February 2022 – making it the first European quantum company on AWS.

UTEC’s value add

Hands-on support in OQC’s expansion into Asia-Pacific, collaborations with academia including the University of Tokyo, and partnerships with Japan’s leading financial and tech corporations.
  • Inside the dilution refrigerator of OQC's quantum computing hardware

  • A stylized rendering of OQC's unique 3D
    architecture, the Coaxmon.

  • OQC's Founder Dr. Peter Leek and OQC's CEO Dr. Ilana Wisby