NExT-e Solutions Inc.

  • President:
    Makoto Inoue



NExT-eS contributes to the accelerated spread of e-mobility and the widespread adoption of renewable energy by their development of original advanced battery control technologies

NExT-eS provides next-generation battery management systems (BMS). The system offered by the company allows for second-hand lithium-ion batteries to be re-used easily. It also provides a battery monitoring service. The company aims to contribute to safety and reliability improvements in industrial lithium-ion battery systems by creating a practical next-generation BMS that reduces system loss. In particular, it hopes to contribute to the spread of new electric vehicles (NEVs) in China, the world's largest automotive market, and the spread of electric forklifts and autonomous carriers (AGVs) in Europe.



Through UTEC EIR, which is an incubation program sponsored by UTEC, NExT-e Solutions have developed their business plan and the first prototype BMS through NEDO’s grant program.


NExT-e Solutions provides battery rental services to customers in both E-mobility and Energy Storage fields through their advanced IoT and AI-driven battery reuse business model.

UTEC’s value add

UTEC has been a partner of NExT-e Solutions since its inception and a director from UTEC has been assisting in their operations. UTEC helped NExT-e Solutions develop the innovative business models which leverage their strengths in riding the global megatrend of greater battery use.
  • Core-device
    (Made in-house)

  • Battery Life Cycle Management

  • Case of Energy Storage
    (Utilization of E-bus battery