Elixirgen Therapeutics, Inc.

  • Chief Executive Officer:
    Akihiro Ko



Revolutionary cure for rare diseases using ZSCAN4 cell therapy

Elixirgen Therapeutics, Inc. aims to treat rare diseases using the ZSCAN4 gene. The company’s team of experienced researchers is working on bringing the results of their basic research to patients as soon as possible. They are currently developing the EXG34217, a therapy that uses ZSCAN4 gene to treat diseases caused by shortened telomeres, such as Dyskeratosis Congenita.



Elixirgen was founded in 2018 by Dr. Minoru Ko, currently a professor at Keio University and formerly a Section Chief at the NIH. Dr Ko aimed to apply his discoveries in stem cell biology to cure diseases.


Elixirgen’s technology is based on the discovery that the ZSCAN4 gene increases the genome stability of the stem cell and elongates telomeres. The company developed the technology to introduce ZSCAN4 into cells such as hematopoietic stem cells in the form of RNA therapeutic agent that does not disrupt the genome, rendering the procedure safer. They have completed the Pre-IND with the U.S. FDA and now aim for early clinical trials for telomere disease, including congenital dyskeratosis.

UTEC’s value add

UTEC has provided funding for clinical trials, networking opportunities for companies, investors and human resources, and support for potential IPO processes.
  • Example of telomere extension by ZSCAN4