Institution for a Global Society Corporation (Exited)



People Analytics and Ed Tech startup leveraging cutting-edge technology for talent assessment and education.

IGS is a HR tech and Ed-tech company. It offers GROW360, a data-driven HR development and organizational transformation solution for large corporations, AiGROW, an assessment tool assisting educational institutions in visualizing the abilities and educational effectiveness of student, and Grow Academy, which trains users for the TOEFL test. GROW360 was rolled out in February 2016 as a pioneer in HRTech. Since then, it has won various HRTech awards, become a case study at Harvard Business School, and is highly regarded worldwide by major clients including the UAE Abu Dhabi Government, the ADB and various Japanese corporates. Domestically, AiGROW and Grow Academy have been used to evaluate the Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s “Classroom of the Future”. They have also introduced by local education boards of Mie Prefecture, Toda City in Saitama Prefecture, and by various elementary, middle and high schools for their education evaluation programs.



Founder Dr. Masahiro Fukuhara believed that the cause of decline of competitiveness amongst Japanese companies is due to the lack of scientific thought process in the fields of corporate education and HR management. Hence, he founded IGS to solve this problem by leveraging his experience as a quant analyst and manager at the world's largest investment firm and his research contacts (the University of Tokyo and others).


The IGS team comprises experts in machine learning and NLP. Leveraging on their expertise, they make use of big data derived from elementary school students to senior citizens to assess and educate HR. They provide such services to a wide range of customers, from international organizations, governments, schools to large corporations.

UTEC’s value add

UTEC supports IGS in their corporate sales strategy, providing its network of connections with government agencies, universities and corporates as well as fostering collaborations and providing financial support.
  • Temperament and competency AI measurement tool for corporations, GROW360

  • The class management function of Ai GROW, a temperament and competency AI measurement tool for educational institutions. Based on the results of the test, students are mapped according to their current abilities and challenges in the areas of leadership, innovation, and thinking skills. It also suggests grouping to most effectively develop students’ abilities.

  • IAT, a game-style temperament measurement tool