Institution for a Global Society Corporation

  • CEO:
    Masahiro Fukuhara



People Analytics and Ed Tech startup leveraging a cutting-edge technology for talent assessment and education.

IGS is HR tech and Ed tech company. IGS provides "GROW", human resource evaluation and training app. Several blue chip companies have already officially employed GROW into their recruiting process.
IGS also provides "e-spire", online learning system covering 4 English skills.

Leveraging AI, GROW scientifically matches the students with high aspiration. GROW is a high-tech, user-friendly platform. They have their unique technology especially about 360 evaluation area and Implicit Association test which can evaluate their unconscious character with smartphone. GROW can help students create their own growth stories, and matches these students to companies that emphasize their workers' growth.

Japanese English education is drastically reformed toward 2020. Under these circumstances, “e-spire” provides online learning material for TOEFL iBT, covering vocabulary, Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. By categorizing content into detailed levels, students can recognize their own progress.

Through these services, IGS will support customers and users to be enterprises and human resources that can co-create and compete in the world.



The levels of creativity and competence of Japanese companies are dropping
alarmingly. The reason behind this is the lack of scientific thought process and conventional HR management. IGS aims to solve this problem. The experience as a quantz analyst and management in the world’s biggest investment company and the personal connection with researchers of the University of Tokyo was the starting point of establishing the company.


IGS Team is comprised of experts in Machine learning and NLP, who provide Japan's most advanced global education. IGS is one of the few companies operating in both HR and EdTech domains over the world.

UTEC value up

UTEC supports IGS in advising the strategy of corporate sales, providing its wide network of connections with government entities, universities and corporates and foster collaborations and financial support.
  • Temperament and competency AI measurement tool for corporations, GROW360, reveals the actual state of human resource evaluation capabilities (average multidimensional evaluation score x score distribution).

  • The class management function of Ai GROW, a temperament and competency AI measurement tool for educational institutions. Based on the results of the test, students are mapped according to their current abilities and challenges in the areas of leadership, innovation, and thinking skills. It also suggests grouping to effectively develop your abilities.

  • IAT, a game-style temperament measurement tool, can measure potential temperamental tendencies with the movement of a finger. Obtained an international patent.