ACSL Ltd. (Exited)



"Aerial Industrial Revolution" by unmanned systems, utilizing drones

Autonomous Control Systems Laboratory Ltd. ,ACSL, provides industrial unmanned IoT system, utilizing drones, leveraging their cutting edge autonomous technologies ,with a vision of “Aerial industrial revolution by drones”. Japan will continue to face risks of a decline in the working population, which requires robust solutions of unmanned system.ACSL unmanned system is expected to utilize in the area of infrastructure inspection, logistics, delivery, disaster prevention, etc. By developing industrial drone solutions for multiple applications, ACSL contributes to the creation of drone industry.

■About ACSL
Name :Autonomous Control Systems Laboratory Ltd. (ACSL)
Address :Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
President: Hiroaki Ohta
Established : November 1, 2013
Details of Business :
1. Research and development of all types of autonomous robotics system hardware  
2. Research and development of all types of autonomous robotics system software  
3. Autonomous robotics system manufacturing and sales
4. Operation and management of autonomous robotics systems  
5. All other types of autonomous robotics system-related business
6. Consulting on all of the above
7. All ancillary or related business connected with the above



ACSL is a spin-out from Chiba University in Japan. ACSL utilizes the world's leading autonomous controls research and technologies developed (since 1998) by the laboratory of Professor Kenzo Nonami at Chiba University. ACSL is engaged in the R&D, manufacturing, sales and building solutions for industrial drone applications. With its proprietary technologies made and developed in Japan, ACSL aims to lead the new industrial revolution of the global skies.


ACSL's core technology lies in the auto-pilot mode of the drone and the cutting-edge platform for industrial drones. They pioneered cooperation with companies in several fields and built the most optimum drone solutions for various applications based on industry requirements.

UTEC’s value add

Supporting their growth by introducing management staff, helping them with business development and operational strategy formulation etc. Connecting them to the universities in and out of Japan for collaborative R&D.