Glytech, Inc.

  • CEO:
    Hiroaki Asai

URL: https://www.glytech-inc.com


Improving drug properties through chemical generation of glycosylated peptides and proteins

GlyTech is a pioneer in glycoscience/glycotechnology. GlyTech has established the world’s first large-scale manufacturing process for highly purified and characterized human-type N-glycans as well as technology for the chemical synthesis of high-purity glycopeptides, glycoproteins, and other glycosylated compounds.

GlyTech’s technologies are expected to contribute to the development of safer and more cost-effective biopharmaceuticals. GlyTech aims to play a significant role in the creation of innovative biobetters with high functionality.



Glytech was incorporated with the goals of realizing the practical mass production of highly pure glycans and demonstrating the capabilities of glycans to functionalize biomedical products. These technologies are based on the research results of the founder's previous work at Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd. and a collaborative research project with Professor Yasuhiro Kajihara of Osaka University.


Drug discovery screening system and commercial production of drug substance through precise and rapid chemical synthesis of biopharmaceutical drugs and compounds such as glycopeptides and glycoproteins.

UTEC’s value add

UTEC leverages its strong network in the life sciences’ ecosystem to introduce Glytech to various business partners and academic experts, along with supporting Glytech’s fundraising activities.
  • Attachment of Glycans to Peptides/Proteins via Solid or Solution Phase Synthesis.

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