Money Design Co., Ltd

  • CEO:
    Ryoichi Yamabe


Democratize financial services with the power of technology and create new relationships between people and money

Money Design offers THEO, the first robo-advisor that provides a full suite investment management service in Japan. They aim to transform the existing asset management landscape by using technology and helping everyone to gain access to global assets.

THEO constructs a diversified portfolio across both regional and asset classes using ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds).
THEO recommends customized portfolios drawing from 6.000 ETFs based on individual profiles. User portfolios will be monitored round the clock and rebalanced regularly while minimizing portfolio costs.

Notable features:
- JPY 0: Absolutely free for users to construct optimal portfolios tailored to individual financial goals.
- JPY 10,000; Minimum investment to unlock a sophisticated investment service which offers users access to global assets
- 1.0%: Money Design charges a low and transparent fee of 1.0% of asset under management (before tax)
- JPY 0: No additional fees nor hidden costs
- 365 days / 24 hours: Users can change their investment plan or withdraw from their investment plans whenever they opt to



Holding all assets in Japanese Yen is no longer an optimal asset management strategy, given the increasingly volatile JPY against a macroeconomic backdrop of USD-JPY exchange rate fluctuations and inflation. Theo's asset management engine, which was developed in collaboration with Prof. Yasuyuki Kato of Kyoto University, can be used to provide tailor-made global diversification investment algorithms to retail investors. These algorithms are on par with those used by high-end asset managers.


A strong, well-rounded core team comprising members from the academia, investment management, financial industry and internet service industry.

UTEC’s value add

UTEC provides support to Money Design such as strengthening creditworthiness of the company's investment management policies, and advising on governance development and IPOs.
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