Fyusion, Inc. (Exited)



Development of 3D image technology based on intelligent robotics and development of 3D spatial photograph application "Fyuse"

Fyusion's philosophy lies in positively impacting the world through intelligent robotic technologies. Its core team consists of world-class experts with PhDs in Robotics, 3D/Computer Vision, and Machine Learning, who bring together decades of cumulative experience in their respective fields. The team has been at the forefront of academic research and has a long track record of open-source software development in 3D Computer Vision and Robotics. Fyusion’s software contributions have been heavily adopted around the world in both academia and industry, and have become de-facto standards in Computer Vision, particularly for tasks such as Object Recognition and 3D Modeling.

Fyusion develops technologies that empower people to capture the world in a more immersive way compared to photos or videos. True understanding of the surrounding world requires the ability to move within it. Thus, just as videos capture the flow of time, Fyusion's patent-pending visual graph structures which are coined "Spatial Photographs," capture the space through which a camera moves. Using cutting-edge 3D processing algorithms, Spatial Photos empower viewers to freely interact with the scene while reliving the experience of the original composer.



The company was founded in 2013 by Dr. Radu B. Rusu, a world-renowned 3D and robotics scientist who previously led the 3D Perception efforts at Willow Garage. He created the Point Cloud Library (PCL) initiative, currently the world's largest open-source effort in 3D point cloud processing. He also serves as a Board Director and President of Open Perception, the world's leading non-profit organization in 3D perception, which is also responsible for maintaining the BSD-licensed PCL project.


Fyusion launched its mobile photo app Fyuse, currently available on the iOS App Store. Built on top of Fyusion's underlying 3D platform, Fyuse allows users to create and share immersive Spatial Photographs, for personal use or on social networks. The company has added several features and capabilities to Fyuse, and raised the bar of computer vision on smartphones. This is just the first step in a long line of potential applications for the company's underlying technology. Fyusion is also licensing its patent-pending technologies and its 3D modeling platform to key players in the automotive, mobile and wearable devices sectors.

UTEC’s value add

UTEC has been assisting Fyusion since their inception and led their Series A round. UTEC is also supporting the company’s business expansion along with NEA (one of the top-tier VCs in USA), and providing recruitment support.
  • Fyuse 360° images and image tagging of apparel products

  • Smooth Fyuse 360° image rotation with image stabilization

  • Shooting by walking around the subject