Enterasense Limited

  • CEO & Founder:
    Donal Devery



Improving patient outcomes through rapid and accurate detection and monitoring of Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding (UGIB).

EnteraSense is an Irish MedTech startup who develops the "PillSense", a non-invasive pill-shaped diagnostic medical device for the detection of Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding. EnteraSense was founded by Harvard Medical School Professor of Gastroenterology Professor Chris C Thompson and serial medical device entrepreneur Donal Devery at Europe’s MedTech hub of Galway, Ireland in 2015. Since then, EnteraSense have succeeded in developing "PillSense" into a medical device which can accurately diagnose for UGIB within 15 minutes. EnteraSense’s vision is to globally commercialize the PillSense to accelerate endoscopy for patients with UGIB in need and save significant costs for medical systems worldwide.



Realizing the need to solve issues related to UGIB detection (necessity to use endoscopes, long wait times, significant related costs); Harvard Medical School Professor of Enterology Professor Chris C Thompson and serial medical device entrepreneur Donal Devery joined hands to found EnteraSense in Galway, Ireland in 2015.


-PillSense ability to diagnose UGIB within 15 minutes accurately and non invasively (current endoscopic methods incur wait times of ~27 hours in the US).
-Strong and experienced team who can execute product development and commercialization.

UTEC’s value add

Support of collaborations with global optical device companies, electronic medical device companies based in Japan.
Support of market entry and commercialization in Japan.
  • EnteraSense's diagnostic device the "PillSense"

  • The EnteraSense team