bitBiome, Inc.

  • CEO:
    Kimihiko Sato



Create new industries and precision medicine from microorganisms using next-generation microbiome analysis

bitBiome, Inc. is a startup originating from Waseda University that provides next-generation microbiome analysis using “single-cell genomics” technology. The technology analyses whole-genome sequence data from a single microbial cell to create new industries by utilizing unprecedented microbial genomic data. Microorganisms exist in a wide variety of environments from the human skin and intestines to the soil and oceans of the earth, but more than 99% of them have been neither cultivated nor analyzed. bitBiome has developed a unique technology to precisely obtain whole-genome sequence data from each individual microbial cell for a wide range of microbial species. Using this technology, bitBiome will be able to access unknown microbial data, to better understand how microorganisms are linked to diseases and the environment, and to create new industries and medical technologies based on newly-found functions of microorganisms. Furthermore, this technology could be applied to diagnose intestinal flora to develop patient segmentation tools and microbiologics such as new microbiome-based companion diagnostics for cancer or gastroenterological diseases. Lastly, bitBiome envisions synergistic use of this technology with existing synthetic biological technologies to unlock new areas in multiple life science disciplines.



bitBiome was founded in 2018 with the aim to create new industries using next-generation whole genome microbiome analysis that is based on the single-cell genomics technology developed by CSO Dr. Masahito Hosokawa, an associate professor of Waseda University.


bitBiome has developed the world's first whole single cell genomics technology that can be applied to microorganisms. This technology has enabled the collection of a much higher resolution and more complete whole genome information relative to conventional techniques.
bitBiome provides customers with unique joint research and contract analysis service along with plans to move into drug discovery and development.

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As co-founders of bitBiome, UTEC offers support in the form of business development, IP strategy, and in assembling a high performing team.
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