bitBiome, Inc.

  • CEO:
    Yuji Suzuki



To innovate the biomanufacturing industry using microbial “Dark Matter” genes

bitBiome Inc. is a university-originated venture company that has built the world's largest microbial genome database and is engaged in enzyme discovery and engineering for biomanufacturing. Microbes exist in various environments such as human skin, intestines, soil, and oceans, but over 99% of them have not been cultured or analyzed, leaving behind untapped biological resources with unknown functions, The company has developed a unique technology called "Microbial Single-Cell Genomics Analysis" that accurately decodes complete genomic sequences from a single microbial cell, making them available to a wide range of industries. By utilizing this technology, they have collected microbial genes that have never been obtained before, the so-called “Dark Matter” genes, and built a massive database. With their bioinformatics and bio-experimental automation technologies, they can efficiently and cost-effectively search for important enzymes and other genetically encoded components useful in the biomanufacturing industry. Leveraging the world's first microbial single-cell genomics technology and the world's largest microbial genome database, the company is expected to contribute to the bioeconomy, including decarbonization, circular economy, and medical innovation.



In cooperation with UTEC, bitBiome was founded in 2018 with the aim to create new industries using next-generation whole genome microbiome analysis that is based on the single-cell genomics technology developed by CSO Dr. Masahito Hosokawa, an associate professor of Waseda University.


bitBiome has pioneered the world's first single-cell genomics technology tailored to microorganisms, enabling the accumulation of microbial genome data that was previously challenging to analyze. Compared to conventional methods, their technology offers superior data accuracy and information volume. Additionally, bitBiome possess state-of-the-art informatics and robotics facilities, allowing for highly efficient experimental setups. They specialize in collaborative research and contract analysis services in the fields of biomanufacturing, including enzyme discovery and engineering, as well as microbial genome analysis. These services, along with their in-house development projects, are exclusively offered with a primary focus on the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries.

UTEC’s value add

UTEC has provided bitBiome with support from its startup phase in business development, IP strategy, assembling management talents, etc.