bitBiome, Inc.

  • CEO:
    Sunao Fujioka



Create new industries and precision medicine from microorganisms using next-generation microbiome analysis

bitBiome, Inc. is a startup originating from a university that provides next-generation microbiome analysis using the “single-cell genomics” technology, which analyzes whole-genome sequence data even from a single microbial cell, and helps create new industries by utilizing microbial genomic data. Microorganisms exist in a wide variety of environments such as human skin and intestines, soil, and the ocean, but more than 99% of them have been neither cultivated nor analyzed, and therefore they are thought to be biological resources with undiscovered functions. bitBiome has developed a unique technology to precisely obtain whole-genome sequence data even from a single microbial cell and has made it applicable to a wide range of microbial species. Using this technology, you will be able to access unknown microbial data, better understand how microorganisms are linked to diseases and the environment through bioinformatics analysis, and create new industries and medical technologies based on newly-found functions of microorganisms. This technology could also be used to diagnose intestinal flora in a bid to develop patient segmentation tools and microbiologics such as new microbiome-based companion diagnostics for cancer or gastroenterological diseases. In addition, this technology could collaborate with synthetic biological technologies with a huge potential to be used in a variety of fields of life science.



bitBiome was founded in 2018 with an aim to create new industries using next-generation microbiome analysis that is based on the single-cell genomics technology developed by Dr. Masahito Hosokawa, CSO of bitBiome and an assistant professor at Waseda University.


bitBiome has developed the world's first single cell genomics technology that can be applied to microorganisms. This technology has made it possible to accumulate microbial genomic data, which gives you a huge amount of information with overwhelmingly high accuracy compared with conventional techniques.
bitBiome provides customers with unique joint research and contract analysis services.

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UTEC, as a co-founder, has supported us from various aspects such as developing business plans and intellectual property strategies and building a high-performing team.
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