OriCiro Genomics, Inc.

  • CEO:
    Seiji Hirasaki



Synthetic biology company based on the innovative DNA assembly and amplification technologies

Using its proprietary cell-free technologies for large DNA assembly and amplification, the company provides products and services including (1) reagent kits for research, (2) co-development and (3) technology licensing for plasmid DNA manufacturing.



Our technologies were invented by Dr. Masayuki Suetsugu of Rikkyo University, co-founder of the company, through his research under ImPACT program funded by the Japanese government. The formation of the company was led by UTEC for the purpose of commercializing the invention as a platform technology for Synthetic Biology which is an emerging biotech field.


A method of cell-based cloning is widely used today for amplifying large DNA as an essential part of biotech research and development, however it is a cumbersome and time-consuming process. Our technology enables cell-free amplification reducing the required time and effort significantly. It can also amplify sequences which are infeasible to amplify by existing methods. The company also owns a technology that can assemble many DNA fragments into a large DNA more efficiently that current approaches. Combining our assembly and amplification processes enables an efficient synthesis of genome-size DNA.

UTEC value up

UTEC recognized the importance of these technologies at an early stage of development and led the process of company formation, being involved in every aspect of the process. Furthermore, Series A investment by UTEC enabled the company to start its projects.
  • Reconstruction of the E.coli genome propagation process in vitro

  • Efficient synthesis of genome-size DNA from multiple DNA fragments

  • Synthetic biology company based on the innovative DNA assembly and amplification technologies.