ARCH ,Inc.

  • CEO:
    Yukiko Nakai



Solving reproductive health issues with the mission of "increasing life choices".

The business will provide reproductive medicine-specific electronic medical record platforms, medical media, and other services to manage reproductive clinics, aiming to resolve issues such as delays in the initiation of reproductive medicine due to lack of fertility knowledge, poor customer experience in reproductive medicine, and shortage of medical personnel engaged in reproductive medicine.



The company was founded in June 2021 by its founder, Ms. Yukiko Nakai, who has experience as a business manager of the media business and president of a subsidiary at Yahoo Japan, to solve the issues she felt from her own experience with infertility treatment. Co-founder Mr. Takuhiko Ichiyama is a reproductive medicine doctor who graduated from Juntendo University School of Medicine, and Mr. Takahiro Shiino is an engineer who served as CTO of several venture companies after working at Yahoo!


Our strengths include a team with a high level of combined IT-related experience and skills necessary for this project, such as electronic medical record systems and medical media, and a clinic platform that enables integrated data management that accompanies women throughout their lives.

UTEC’s value add

Leading a seed round of financing and providing management support for business and organizational strategies, etc.
  • Providing a seamless medical experience