Senior Advisors

We receive valuable inputs from senior advisors in terms of venture management,
human resources, technology, sociality, and exits.

  • Katsuhiko Okubo

    Katsuhiko Okubo

    Mr. Okubo is currently a Vice Chairman at Japan Stanford Association, and a lecturer at the Open University of JAPAN and at the Okayama University among others. He graduated from the University of Tokyo’s Faculty of Electronic Engineering in 1965 then joined Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. He completed a doctoral course in Stanford University Engineering School in 1972. In 1990, he was engaged in the acquisition of JDS in Canada then served as a Board of Directors at JDS. In 1995 he served as a Board of Directors at Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. He established FiNet in the U.S., and served as a Vice Chairman in 1997, Managing Director R&D Headquarters in 1998, a Senior Managing Director Information & Communications Division in 2000. He was engaged in purchasing Light Division (OFS) from Lucent then served as a Chairman. In 2005 he leaved Furukawa Electric and established Okubo Technical Management Office. He is the President of the office, and served as a Director at CommScope in the U.S., a Director of SEIKOH GIKEN.

  • Masami Takai

    Masami Takai

    Mr. Takai is currently a Vice President & Chairman of Business Plan Contest of MIT Enterprise Forum Japan, a Researcher of the division of University Corporate Relations at the University of Tokyo, and a Judge of the University of Tokyo Entrepreneur Dojo business plan contest, a Judge of "Ultra Small Satellite International Mission Idea Contest", a Mentor of Women's New Business Plan Competition in Development Bank of Japan, a Board of Directors(external) at Morpho Co., Ltd.. He graduated from the University of Tokyo’s Faculty of Engineering, Department of Chemistry Engineering in 1982 then joined at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Later he received a MS and a PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University. In 1990, he joined McKinsey & Co (Japan) as a top management consultant in high-tech and other industry practices. In 1993, he moved to AT&T (Japan) as a head of the multi-media business, then to Echelon Corporation (Japan) as EVP. Then, he established Cyber Renaissance Co., Ltd. in 2000, and served as a Director & CSO at INVOINO Co., Ltd. in 2003.

  • Kazuhiko Toyama

    Kazuhiko Toyama

    Mr. Toyama is currently CEO at Industrial Growth Platform, Inc., a Chairman at Support Committee of METI IoT Acceleration Lab, a Vice Chairperson of KEIZAI DOYUKAI (Japan Association of Corporate Executives), an Expert member of Council on Economic Fiscal Policy (MOF), a Member of The Tax Commission (CAO), a Member of the Council of Experts Concerning the Corporate Governance Code (FSA), an Outside director of OMRON Corporation, Pia Corporation and Panasonic Corporation. He graduated from the University of Tokyo’s Faculty of Law in 1985 then joined the Boston Consulting Group. He became a founding member of Corporate Directions, Inc. (CDI), where he later served as CEO. Later he received MBA from Stanford University in 1992. After that he was appointed COO at the Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan (IRCJ), which was established by the Japanese government in 2003. In 2007, when IRCJ was dissolved, he founded Industrial Growth Platform, Inc. (IGPI), which he currently runs as its CEO. He served as sub leader at JAL Reproduction Task Force in 2009, a Chairman at Support Committee of METI IoT Acceleration Lab in 2015.

  • Ryozo Hayashi

    Ryozo Hayashi

    Mr. Hayashi is currently a Member of the Board & Special Advisor at Canon Institute for Global Studies, a Member of Advisory Board at Kiyo Bank, a Professor and Director at Organization for the Strategic Coordination of Research & Intellectual Property at Meiji University, a Visiting Professor at Graduate School of Public Policy at the University of Tokyo, a Member of International Advisory Board at Robert Bosch GmbH, an Independent Outside Director of Board at Citibank Japan among others. He graduated from Kyoto University‘s Faculty of Law then started his career at Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). He received LLM from Harvard University Law School in 1976. Later he served as the fellow of Harvard University Kennedy School in 1991. Then he served as a Director-General, Petroleum Department, Agency for Natural Resource and Energy at MITI in 1996, a Director-General, Consumer Goods Industry Bureau at MITI in 2000, a Deputy Vice-Minister at Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in 2001, a Director-General, Economic and Industrial Policy Bureau at METI, a Consulting Fellow, Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2003. In 2004 he served as Fellow at University of California, San Diego, a Senior Fellow of John. F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, a Visiting Professor of the Okuma School of Public Management at Waseda University, an Independent Outside Statutory Auditor at Teijin Ltd., a Senior Adviser at NTT Data Institute of Management Consulting, Inc.. In 2005, he served as a Professor of Graduate School of Public Policy at University of Tokyo and a Visiting Professor at Meiji University Graduate School of Law.