Venture Partnership Structure

In addition to Investment Professionals, UTEC offers Venture Partners (VPs) who specialize in various fields to provide hands-on support to our portfolio companies. For instance, we have experienced professionals in the fields of Healthcare, AI, and Chemicals, as well as experts in Intellectual Property, Accounting, Legal Affairs, Human Resources, M&A, and IPO. We also offer support for global expansion of our portfolio companies through the network of professionals.

Past examples

  • 01 CASE

    Leading the effort to establish the management group, as a VP acting being CFO and Certified Public Accountant.

  • 02 CASE

    Formulating and executing the business development strategy, as a VP taking the role of Business Development in the healthcare industry.

  • 03 CASE

    Assisting non-Japanese portfolio companies enter Japanese market, as a multi-disciplinary VP sourcing and supporting leveraging his experiences as an overseas Operations Manager at a venture support company.

  • 04 CASE

    Developing human resource / organizational management solution, as a VP with experience in headhunting and human resource consulting.

We assign VPs to our portfolio companies as a part of our post-investment value-add. In some cases, VPs join portfolio companies that they support as official “CXOs” when there is a match.



Since 2004, UTEC has invested in over 100 Deep Tech Startups in Japan and abroad. Since our inception, our mission has been to focus on solving universal issues by utilizing exceptional scientific ideas and technologies with the global market in mind, and to fully support the entrepreneurs who aspire to realize it. In order to do so, it is imperative to have management professionals, in addition to founding scientists, who can manage and grow the business. We constantly seek management professionals who have the potential to accelerate the growth of our portfolio companies. The “UTEC Startup Opportunity Club (hereinafter UTEC SOC)” is an invitation-only community for such management professionals.

Value of being a UTEC SOC member

Inviation-only events to share Latest Trends and Analysis of Deep Tech Startups:

We share insider information regarding Deep Tech Startups (UTEC portfolio and others), knowledge of startup management, and networking opportunities with members having similar aspirations. Members can gain information and networking opportunities that are not open to the public.

Opportunities to be a part of Deep Tech Startup management team:

When there is a match between a UTEC SOC member and the needs of a startup company, we encourage our member with an opportunity to be a part of that Deep Tech Startup management team. In some cases, the opportunity is to be a co-founder when the technology has not yet hatched into a company.

How to join UTEC SOC

We are looking for members with the following aspirations:

  • ・Intending to be a part of the management/leadership team of Deep Tech Startups or starting a business in the future.
  • ・Strongly aspire to solve universal problems at global scale by utilizing technologies.