Invent a new world together. A career at UTEC is an investment in the future,
both for yourself and the world.

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We UTEC are constantly seeking professionals who can
create new industries to solve global issues of humankind
by bringing capital, talent, and knowledge,
around science and technology.

Revolutionalizing the world's chemical industry using microwave technology, artificially creating countless peptides that can be used as "miracle medicines" to fight incurable diseases, and providing clean and environmentally friendly electricity to more than one billion people in need.

These are all visions of UTEC's portfolio companies. They envision the use of their prominent science and technology to solve issues of humankind and address the global markets from the very beginning. Our mission is to do our utmost to help entrepreneurs with such goals to realize their dreams.

More than anyone else, we believe in the outstanding scientific and technological capabilities that Japan possesses. We want to make these sciences and technologies into successful businesses that have an impact at the global scale. It is our role to make sure that these entrepreneurs have access to the necessary capital, team, know-how, and experience to do so. We are a global organization, with our portfolio companies not only active in Japan but also in Europe, the US, and emerging markets such as China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Middle East, and Africa.

At UTEC, we are looking for people who share our vision and who have an inherent drive to change the world and the human race for the better. We welcome people with diverse backgrounds and careers who are passionate about supporting businesses that are creating new industries to solve global issues of humankind, around science and technology.

Our mission is to invest in the future and invent a new world. We look forward to welcoming likeminded professionals to join our journey.

Tomotaka Goji, Managing Partner and President


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