SWAT Mobility Pte. Ltd.

  • Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer:
    Jarrold Ong
  • Co-founder & Executive Chairman:
    Arthur Chua



Empowering the world to move more with less using on-demand dynamic routing technology for high-capacity vehicles.

SWAT’s dynamic routing engine offers the most efficient ride to both riders and bus operators, provide highly accurate Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) estimates, and enable real-time insertions and removals without affecting on-going rides. The technology is also able to allow vehicles to react to incidents such as road closures in real-time. All these are crucial features that give SWAT riders the assurance that their rides are reliable, fast, affordable, and convenient.

SWAT’s routing algorithm also works for fleets of all sizes, allowing transport providers to optimize travelling options from small to large rider pools. Some of the key solutions of SWAT’s technology include first mile / last mile services, on-demand off-peak fleet optimization and path planning for autonomous and electric vehicles to find the most efficient travelling paths.



SWAT was founded in 2015 in Singapore with the vision of moving smart nations with on-demand high-capacity vehicle pooling services that can reduce traffic congestions, improving travelling convenience for commuters, and optimizing resources for transportation systems.


Most vehicle-pooling players in the industry only offer either fixed-route shuttle services or dynamically-route services for smaller vehicles like cars. Unlike their competitors, SWAT goes a step further and offers dynamic routing of demand-responsive and high-capacity vehicles - using big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence. SWAT offers products for optimizing People Transport as well as Logistics & Fulfilment services.

UTEC’s value add

UTEC provides holistic business strategy advice and support, ranging from financing, marketing, business partner matching and talent recruitment in Japan. UTEC is also tapping into its strong local network to support SWAT’s Japan market entry.