Obviously AI, Inc.

  • Co-founder & CEO:
    Nirman Dave
  • Co-founder & CTO:
    Tapojit Debnath



Empower Non-technical business professionals to perform end-to-end Machine Learning using a No-Code Platform

Over 73% of enterprise data is not analyzed as non-technical business professionals lack knowledge of data science and machine learning. Such business professionals face issues related to productivity and time in coordinating with internal and external data scientists, resulting in frequent challenges of missed deadlines and poor business output. Enter Obviously AI, a No-Code (drag and drop) data science platform that enables users to build Machine Learning algorithms and predict outcomes, with just a few clicks.



Co-founders Nirman Dave and Tapojit Debnath were classmates at Hampshire College in Boston where they obtained their Bachelor's degrees in Computer Science. CEO Nirman comes with entrepreneurial experience, having sold his previous startup to Intel. CTO Tapojit was formerly an AI/ML researcher at MIT. Obviously AI has a team of 10 people based in San Francisco Bay Area.


The company built a proprietary technology called “Edge-sharp AutoML” that enables building & training of ML models with superior performance in under a minute. The product is tailored to the needs of analysts and BI professionals via a complete end-to-end no-code user experience combined with seamless workflow integrations to cloud services and databases.

UTEC’s value add

Support for Obviously AI’s expansion into Japan/APAC by facilitating client and Go-to-market partnerships. Additionally, UTEC also offers hands-on support to the company in recruiting, product strategy and growth strategy.
  • Obviously AI co-founders Nirman and Tapojit – Immigrants from India and Bangladesh living in the US

  • Prediction report built from uploaded data using AutoML technology

  • Visualization of model performance with Explainable AI