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UTEC Event for International Community in Tokyo








 On 21st February 2018, UTEC hosted an event titled ‘Mega-trends Shaping the Future of Technology and Startups’ for the International technology community in Tokyo. Over 30 international students, researchers and recent-graduates of The University of Tokyo and Tokyo Institute of Technology participated in the event. The participants were from diverse academic backgrounds and represented over 10 countries. UTEC’s Managing Partner Tomotaka Goji welcomed the audience and gave a brief introduction of UTEC’s efforts to solve global issues of humankind, by bringing capital, talent and knowledge, around science and technology. “Our newly launched UTEC4 fund has a strategic focus of investing in more startups started by international students and researchers with strong synergies to Japan”, he noted. General Partner Ted Yamamoto introduced several of the top startups from UTEC’s portfolio and explained the role of UTEC in creation of those startups by collaborating with universities and research institutes in Japan and abroad.



UTEC’s Managing Partner Goji and Venture Partner Kiran



Noriaki Sakamato, a Partner at UTEC, spoke about the trends in Japanese Startup and Venture Capital industry. The audience followed up with several questions on UTEC’s investment thesis, support for early-stage startups, and the role of science & technology in solving global social issues.




    UTEC’s Partner Noriaki



Earlier this year, UTEC participated in Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at Las Vegas. Kiran Mysore, a Venture Partner at UTEC, presented about the top startups that UTEC met at CES 2018, and also discussed the broader trends shaping the manufacturing sector, automotive sector, and frontier technologies like AI, Blockchain and Mixed Reality. Going forward, UTEC plans to host more periodic events and panel discussionsrelated to science & technology startups.