Finatext Holdings Ltd.

  • CEO:
    Ryota Hayashi



Reinvent “finance” as a “service” by developing Service/ Big data/ Platform

A Fintech start-up from the University of Tokyo economics department. Based on our vast knowledge and experience in finance, we have the technological ability to incorporate financial information into UI/UX very rapidly and in a way that is easy for anyone to use. Leveraging digital and data analysis technologies, we provide optimal financial services for our customers.
Our merger partner Nowcast strives to create a world where people can get an up-to the-the-minute view of the economy. It is a venture firm from the University of Tokyo that visualizes the business strategies utilized by industries through big data analytics using real-time economic information based on key indicators like the consumer price index. We assist over 250 financial institutions, think tanks, governments, and state-owned financial institutions in Japan and abroad in utilizing overseas hedge funds and conducting economic analysis.
Finatext also operates Smart Plus which makes securities system API services and provides securities business platform. Customers require high quality UI/UX to fully utilize securities services. Based on those needs, Smart Plus can decrease the cost of securities service development by service providers and offers high quality UI/UX to all customers, through providing Smart Plus platform.



Finatext was established to develop and provide high-quality real-time information unlike anything before using big data analysis. Finatext's solutions were developed by utilizing the team’s deep expertise in providing services for financial institutions and research results obtained under Professor Watanabe of The University of Tokyo.


Based on deep knowledge and experience in finance, Finatext has the technological ability to analyze financial information and develop services in an easily understandable UI/UX in a very short period. Finatext utilizes economic statistical analysis technology using big data developed by Japan’s top professionals working at the forefront of statistics and economics research at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and the Bank of Japan.

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  • President and CEO Ryota Hayashi
    Co-founder Tsutomu Watanabe