UTEC 20th Anniversary


For 20 years, we have been challenging ourselves to
solve global issues of humankind by bringing together capital, talent,
and knowledge around science and technology.
This milestone is a prelude to the future.



Since the foundation in April 2004 as the University of Tokyo Edge Capital Co., Ltd., we UTEC have raised approximately 85 billion yen mainly from institutional investors, managing five venture capital funds over 20 years. Collaborating with institutions like the University of Tokyo, we've invested in 150 startups primarily at the seed stage, leading to 20 IPOs and 20 M&As. This progress is due to the unyielding dedication of all stakeholders, and we are deeply grateful. Moving forward, UTEC will continue to foster new industries, providing consistent support from seed to growth stages, guided by our core strategies of excellent science and technology, strong teams, and addressing global and human challenges. We deeply value your continued support and guidance.

Managing Partner, CEO and President Tomotaka Goji
Partner/Managing Director, COO and Board Director Noriaki Sakamoto

Thanks to the support of our wonderful entrepreneurs, those who have had the courage to jump into start-ups, our LPs and colleagues at UTEC, we are celebrating our 20th anniversary. Although I joined the company only half a decade ago, I will continue to devote myself to the way of VC.

Principal Hiroaki Kobayashi

Over the past 20 years, we have played a role in the evolution of the startup ecosystem by investing in more than 150 science and technology startups and supporting entrepreneurs and researchers, and have contiunously provided financial returns to the investors who have trusted and supported our investment activities. Learning from the successes and failures of the past 20 years, we will continue our investment activities with an even higher sense of responsibility in order to realize even greater success over the long term.

HR Manager Maiko Iinuma

Thanks to innovative entrepreneurs, UTEC celebrates 20th anniversary. HR team remains committed to devote ourselves to support our portfolio companies from HR perspective.

Principal Lenny (Kayo) Chin

We continue to help grow innovative startups that make a meaningful difference in the world by bringing innovation to diverse industries through the power of technology.

Associate Hiroki Toda

To implement technology and science that solve humanity's challenges into society, we will continue to diligently strive to assist entrepreneurs and researchers

Manager Fumi Yoshioka

Supported by our stakeholders, we've reached a significant year and I'm filled with gratitude. With a passion for supporting innovations that address issues of mankind, we continue to be actively involved in fund management.

Partner and Board Director Atsushi Usami

Just as science and technology transcend borders, UTEC celebrates its 20th anniversary, fueled by the generous support of investors and advocates, enabling us to extend our reach across diverse frontiers. We aim to persist in our pursuit of innovative solutions that reshape society, hand in hand with entrepreneurs, researchers, and engineers, breaking down barriers along the way.

Principal Kiran Mysore

For two decades, UTEC has stood as a force for good, collaborating with researchers and entrepreneurs to bring breakthrough innovations to life. As we continue our journey to build an enduring firm, we are ingrained with Techno-Optimism and a belief in the transformative power of technology to change the world for the better. The best is yet to come!

Controller Hiroyuki Sakita

Not only in investment activities but in the aspect of fund management, we aim to become a leading venture capital firm, committed to sustainable growth by sincerely listening to stakeholders' opinions.

Principal Atsushi Shimada

It is a pleasure to serve UTEC in this memorable year. While cherishing the traditions that have been built up over the years, I will strive to make further strides for the development of UTEC and its ecosystem.

Platform Associate Madoka Noma

For the past 20 years, UTEC has invested in and supported innovative tech startups and grown with them. We're eager to continue this journey towards an even brighter future together.

Manager Kiyoaki Takamori

As we approach our 20th anniversary, as a member of a venture capital firm dedicated to social contribution, I, too, will continue to engage with enthusiasm .

Partner Keisuke Ide

UTEC is a place where world-class scientists, technologists, and entrepreneurs fuse to create solutions for the problems of humankind. UTEC changed much in the past 20 years - always trying to stay ahead of environmental changes and technological trends. We hope you will be a part of our continuing evolution in the next leg of our journey.

Platform Director and Principal Takashi Miyahara

As UTEC marks its 20th anniversary, our Platform team emphasizes the critical role of forging formidable teams. Our commitment to enhancing corporate value through professional management and team support remains unwavering. Here's to furthering the creation of impactful teams and to the shared successes that await us in the future.

Principal Azusa Shiohara

I am eager to work toward the goal of leveraging science and technology in collaboration with researchers and entrepreneurs to contribute to the resolution of global issues of humankind.

Associate HyungKyu Shin

UTEC is the place if you want to change the world through technology. Will continue supporting startups that can success not only in Japan, but throughout the world

HR Assistant Kiyomi Tominaga

UTEC has been pursuing to improve the world with leading technology and services. I too will contribute to our mission by supporting entrepreneurs in team operations.


Looking Back on UTEC's Journey Alongside Relevant Societal Events


August 1998

University Technology Licensing Enhancement Act was enacted

November 1998

Limited Partnership Act for Investment was enacted


November 1999

The Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market was established


October 2003

National University Corporation Act was enacted


April 2004

The University of Tokyo Edge Capital (the former UTEC) was established

July 2004

UTEC1 Limited Partnership was established


September 2008

The 2008 Financial Crisis


July 2009

UTEC2 Limited Partnership was established


October 2013

UTEC3 Limited Partnership was established



Many university-affiliated VCs have been established


January 2018

UTEC4 Limited Partnership was established

April 2018

The successor company, The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Partners (the current UTEC), was established


February 2021

The University of Tokyo became a shareholder (9.9% stake) of the current UTEC

May 2021

UTEC5 Limited Partnership was established


July 2023

Tomotaka Goji, CEO of UTEC, has been appointed Chairman of the Japan Venture Capital Association (JVCA)


April 2024

UTEC 20th Anniversary


We are grateful for the many Heartfelt Messages
we have received

The University of Tokyo
Teruo Fujii

Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of the founding of UTEC. I deeply appreciate your significant contributions to startups originating from UTokyo and your support for basic research. As we face various global challenges, it is crucial to expand the application of academic knowledge to solve these issues. I look forward to UTEC's continued development and our collaborative efforts to build a better future society.

KSP, Inc.
PeptiDream Inc. Co-Founder
Kiichi Kubota

I believe that the ideal role of a venture capital firm should not merely be to search for investable companies but to create and nurture them. It is crucial to provide support from the pre-inception phase and engage in a truly hands-on manner. UTEC is one of the few venture capital firms that can embody this approach. I look forward to your continued contribution to the growth of our nation's startups.

The University of Tokyo
University Professor
Project Professor, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences
Kohzo Ito

Congratulations on 20th anniversary. I remember a meeting with President Goji at the University of Tokyo's Kashiwa Campus shortly after UTEC was established, and we hit it off about basic research and startups at the university. I am grateful for the great support he has given in my own startup. I wish UTEC continued growth and success in the future.

UTokyo Innovation Platform Co., Ltd.
President and CEO
Kosuke Ueda

Since joining IPC, the question I'm most frequently asked is, 'What's the difference between UTEC and IPC?' My response is simple: No UTEC, no Japanese university startup ecosystem. Congratulations on 20 years!

bitBiome, Inc.
Representative Director, President and CEO
Yuji Suzuki

I came to know UTEC in 2014 when I saw a respected professional colleague join and truly enjoy their work there. Since 2021, we have collaborated closely through bitBiome, receiving earnest advice during challenging times, as well as various forms of support, including assistance with international expansion. I sincerely celebrate UTEC's 20th anniversary and pray for your continued success.

Tricog Health Pte. Ltd.
Founder and CEO
Dr. Charit Bhograj

Achieving scale in the medical world requires support and guidance from partners who understand the global importance of deep tech. UTEC has been instrumental in crafting the Tricog journey to becoming a global leader in Healthcare AI. Congratulations on two decades of being the trailblazer of the Venture Capital world.

Waseda University Ventures, Inc.
General Partner
Former UTEC Board Director / Partner
Ted Yamamoto

Congratulations on your 20th anniversary. Following the corporatization of national universities, a new structure emerged at UTokyo with the Division of University Corporate Relations, TLO, and UTEC, each with the new mission of returning research results to society. Over 20 years of trial and error, and through accumulating achievements, the University of Tokyo has evolved into a university with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. UTEC's social impact as one of Japan's leading venture capital firms is profound. I express my deep respect for the dedication and efforts of all involved. I wish you continued growth and success.

Animal Spirits Ltd.
Founding Partner
Yusuke Asakura

Congratulations on UTEC's 20th anniversary! Your support and insightful advice were invaluable during my time at Naked Technology. The experience continues to inspire me as I now invest in startups at Animal Spirits. Thank you, UTEC!

The University of Tokyo
Vice President
Toshiya Watanabe

I extend my heartfelt congratulations on UTEC's 20th anniversary. In 2004, the same year that national universities were corporatized, the number of university-launched startups was relatively small. Since then, the number has grown significantly, thanks to UTEC's efforts. This has led to the emergence of entrepreneurs who have achieved significant success, and The University of Tokyo is now known as an entrepreneurial university. However, the journey toward a global presence is still long. I hope for further development through enhanced collaboration and cooperation with the University of Tokyo and other domestic and international players.

President and CEO
Keiko Honda

UTEC and the TLO worked under the same roof at The University of Tokyo's Division of University Corporate Relations (DUCR) Plaza for 15 years, starting in 2004. We collaborated to create many startups, including PeptiDream, based on various UTokyo inventions. Today, more than half of the licensees of sole inventions are startups. This success stems from our early collaboration to explore the potential of startups, and I look forward to your continued efforts to bring the University of Tokyo's technology to society.

Infinite CORE, co., Ltd.
Former UTEC Partner
Maiko Katadae

Congratulations on your 20th anniversary! When I joined in 2005, UTEC was just a small team. Since then, under the leadership of Goji-san, a fantastic team has developed, achieving many milestones, and I have had the privilege of experiencing UTEC's growth into a leading tech-focused VC firm in Japan as part of the team. This experience has been a treasured part of my life. I pray for UTEC's continued prosperity and success.

MPower Partners
General Partner
Kathy Matsui

Congratulations on your 20th anniversary. As a venture capital firm that invests in seed and early-stage technology startups, you have played a crucial role in bringing numerous innovative technologies to the world with conviction and perseverance. Let's continue to empower the Japanese startup industry together!

The University of Tokyo
Associate Professor, Institute of Industrial Science
Kaori Sugihara

Congratulations on UTEC's 20th anniversary! During the global chaos of 2021, as I was relocating my lab from the University of Geneva amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the UTEC-UTokyo FSI Research Grant Program provided invaluable support in establishing my lab in Japan. I wish you success in continuing to inspire dreams with your transformative work, from university-based basic research to startups!

UTokyo Extension Co.,Ltd.
President and CEO
TODAI TLO, Ltd. Former President and CEO
Takafumi Yamamoto

Today, I am proud to celebrate UTEC's 20th anniversary, and I'd like to raise a toast to both its achievements and its promising future. TODAI TLO and UTEC, like siblings, have faced various challenges together. I look forward to continuing our journey towards realizing a nation built on innovation. Heartfelt congratulations!

Mass General Brigham Ventures
Partner and CEO of Violet
Meredith Fisher, PhD

From our first meeting for Violet Therapeutics, your deep scientific expertise and active engagement in your companies was immediately apparent. This has only been reinforced as we've worked together. UTEC is not merely an investor, but a true company partner. Happy 20th Anniversary!

ARCH, Inc.
CEO, Founder
Yukiko Nakai

Our company, ARCH, is a team dedicated to the digital transformation and supporting startups in the infertility treatment sector, tackling the challenging task of increasing birth rates. We have been steadfastly supported by the UTEC team, led by Sakamoto-san, who is experienced and has been committed to finding a team to solve the issue of declining birth rates. The journey is still long, and we look forward to your continued support.

Co-Founding Partner
Soichi Kariyazono

Congratulations on your 20th anniversary! As pioneers and practitioners in nurturing deep tech investment in Japan, and central figures in this field's ecosystem, I deeply respect the sincere sense of mission that Goji-san and all members of the UTEC team have exhibited, working tirelessly to elevate the entire industry. We look forward to your continued leadership in the development of Japan's next-generation industries.

Mujin, Inc.
Director and CTO
Rosen Diankov

The amazing team at UTEC saw and understood the importance of increasing industrial automation technologies and gave Mujin a shot at changing the world when few other investors would at the time. As a result, throughout these 10+ years, Mujin has been able to galvanize so many other VCs, companies, and end users to follow in its path, that its actions have led to billions of dollars of investment in the industry and pushed the boundaries of what's possible. All thanks to Ted and Tommy.

Microwave Chemical Co., Ltd.
President and CEO
Iwao Yoshino

In 2011, when the term 'deep tech' didn't even exist, UTEC believed in the potential of our technology and business and invested in us. At a time when our company's name was still not well-known in the industry, UTEC acted not just as a shareholder, but as a business partner, helping us drive top-tier sales. This support allowed us to break through with major European and American companies like BASF, leading to significant progress.

Gaianixx Inc.
Chief Executive Officer
Kento Nakao

We are truly honored to celebrate UTEC 20th anniversary. In these 20 years UTEC has contributed greatly to the development of global industry by working together to create new technologies and services and implement them in society. Our company is not the exception, the strong team who is skilled in deep-tech knowledge and understanding, has accompanied us hands-on in not only finance, but also management and business from the seed stage. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors as a VC who will continue to innovate at the forefront of the global market.

ONE Innovators
Representative Director
Former UTEC Board Director / Partner
Hideki Tsuji

Happy 20th anniversary, Team UTEC! Please keep being the entrepreneurs behind the entrepreneurs and pioneering UTEC way by taking risks with many entrepreneurs and co-investors for the bright and sustainable future!

Finatext Holdings Ltd.
President and CEO
Ryota Hayashi

From 2016 through to our public listing, we received considerable support from UTEC, especially from both Goji-san, the representative, and Sakamoto-san, who served as a director. When other entrepreneurs ask me about the type of investor UTEC is, I tell them that you are a 'royal road' investor—a term that denotes your exemplary leadership and dedication in the field. As an alumnus, I expect you to continue being a leading 'royal road' investor, representing Japan. Congratulations on your 20th anniversary.

Fyusion Inc.
Radu B. Rusu

The UTEC team inspired us to actually start our company, Fyusion, one year earlier before we even incorporated! They simply told us “if you ever start a company, let us know”. They are true visionaries and have been the most value add investors we had on our cap table. We built friendships and are still in touch years later, after we got acquired.

Former UTEC Partner Naonori Kurokawa

Congratulations on your 20th anniversary. The passion and action of everyone at UTEC, who has continuously taken on unprecedented challenges by investing in startups centered around innovative science and technology, strong teams, and critical human issues, have been the driving force behind reaching this 20-year milestone. I deeply respect all who have contributed to this remarkable development and pray for your continued growth and success as the most advanced venture capital firm.


Exploring UTEC from Various Perspectives

Cumulative AUM

We continue to be supported by our investors, many of who are institutional investors

Cumulative number of portfolio entities

We have invested in a vast number of Science and Technology Startups

Ratio of Seed/Early Stage Startups at Initial Investment

UTEC continues to invest in seed/early stage startups and provide hands-on support

Ratio of Lead Positions

As lead investor, UTEC supports portfolio companies on financing and management issues.
* we send board members to portfolio companies to actively add value and support management.

Track Record

We have generated investment returns by working with entrepreneurs, researchers, and engineers


We drive innovation through global partnerships and startup investments

847 Billion Yen
  • (as of May 2024)
150 Entities
  • (as of May 2024)
96 %
  • The percentage of seed and early-stage investments made since UTEC Fund 2, out of all 114 investments (as of May 2024)
96 %
  • The percentage of past and current lead positions in financing since UTEC Fund 2, out of all 114 investments (as of May 2024)
  • (as of May 2024)


In commemoration of UTEC's 20th anniversary and to express our gratitude for the generous support we have received from all of you, we held a ceremony on May 30th, 2024. The event featured a report on UTEC's journey over the past two decades and our future initiatives, panel discussions with esteemed individuals from the venture capital industry, academia, and institutional investors both in Japan and abroad who have been instrumental in our journey, and a pitch contest showcasing our portfolio companies.

Panel Discussion

UTEC in the Japanese Venture Capital Industry

  • General Partner, Incubate Fund Tohru Akaura

    Mr. Akaura worked in the investment department of Jafco for eight and a half years, where he was engaged in front-line investment development work. In 1999, Mr. Akaura started his own venture capital business. Since then, he has consistently been engaged in investing and developing businesses in the start-up phase. Mr. Akaura served as Director of the Japan Venture Capital Association (JVCA) since July 2013, Managing Director since July 2015, Vice Chairman since July 2017, and Chairman from July 2019 to July 2023. Currently he serves as its Special Advisor.

  • Executive Officer, Nissay Asset Management Corporation Kaoru Onishi

    Ms. Onishi joined Nippon Life Insurance Company in 1996. From 2003, she worked at the company's New York subsidiary, where she was involved in establishing Nippon Life Group's private equity investment program. Ms. Onishi then spent about 20 years advancing investment in alternative assets, including innovative venture funds. After serving as the head of the Financial Investment Department, she was appointed Executive Officer and Head of the Global Product Division in March 2024.

  • Moderator
    Chairperson, UTEC Keiji Mogi

    Mr. Mogi serves as the Chairperson of UTEC. At Mitsui Bank (now Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation), he served as Deputy Branch Manager in New York and Branch Manager in Brussels, among other roles. He later served as Director at Sakura Bank (now SMBC), Executive Vice President at Sakura Card Co., Executive Senior Vice President at Sony Life Insurance Co., Advisor at Bridgepoint Capital, and Professor at Teikyo University. Since 2006, he has been an Advisor at VenCap International, and since 2010, he has served as an External Director to UTEC.

Researchers Connecting Academia and Society

  • Former-Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo Masayuki Inaba

    Dr. Inaba graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at The University of Tokyo and earned a Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Engineering. After serving as a Lecturer and Associate Professor at UTokyo, Dr. Inaba held a long-term position as a Professor at the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology. As a leading authority on the progressive construction methods of intelligent robotic systems, he has been at the forefront of robotics research in Japan. Since his retirement, Dr. Inaba has been serving as the Corporate Strategic Advisor at Kawasaki Heavy Industries, starting in April 2024.

  • Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo Kenji Tanaka

    Professor Tanaka completed the doctoral program at the Graduate School of Engineering of the University of Tokyo, earning a Ph.D. in Engineering. After working at McKinsey & Company and Nippon Industrial Partners, he joined the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Engineering as an assistant professor, specially appointed associate professor, and associate professor. Since February 2024, he has taken on his current role, focusing on research in distributed induction-based cooperative mechanisms, contributing to solving various industry challenges through system design and business/service design.

  • Professor, Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Waseda University Haruko Takeyama

    Professor Takeyama graduated from the Graduate School of Engineering at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, earning a Ph.D. in Engineering. She served as a Research Fellow at the University of Miami's Marine Institute and later worked at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, progressing from Assistant Professor to Professor, before taking on her current role in 2007. She specializes in advanced single-cell analysis, using microfluidic devices for genomics and Raman spectroscopy for metabolomics, across a variety of organisms from environmental microbes to animal cells. She has also contributed to the development of new bioanalytical instruments.

Noriaki Sakamoto Partner/Managing Director, COO and Board Director

Global Collaboration in Venture Capital

  • Partner, Amadeus Capital Partners Amelia Armour

    Ms. Armour joined Amadeus Capital Partners in 2009 as a partner, focusing on investments in AI & cybersecurity, photonics & quantum, digital health & MedTech, and new materials. Ms. Armour has extensive experience in early-stage investments. Before Amadeus, Ms. Armour worked at Barclays Investment Bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and Deloitte London. She is also a qualified chartered accountant in the UK.

  • Co-founder & Partner, Blume Ventures Karthik Reddy

    In 2011, alongside Sanjay Nath, Mr. Reddy founded Blume. Specializing in financial markets, technology, and media within the US and India, Mr. Reddy possesses extensive seed and early-stage investment experience. Before joining Blume, Mr. Reddy worked at American Express, Reuters Instinet, and The Times of India Group. He holds a degree from IIT Roorkee, IIM Bangalore, and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Venture Partner, ARCH Venture Partners Joseph Jeong

    Dr. Jeong joined ARCH as a Venture Partner in 2021, specializing in deep tech sectors such as biotechnology, semiconductors, advanced displays, renewable energy, and advanced materials, with extensive global investment experience in the US, Europe, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. Dr. Jeong holds a B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Tomotaka Goji Managing Partner, CEO and President

Portfolio Pitch Contest

Presentations by UTEC Portfolio Companies on Their Business and Their Vision

Obviously AI


Interviews and Articles with UTEC Alumni Companies