seven dreamers laboratories, inc. (Exited)



Development and sales of golf shafts using CFRP technology and medical equipment for patients with sleep apnea syndrome

Super Rasin corporation (SR), one of the origins of seven dreamers inc (7D), was established in 1957 and joined IST group in 2008. SR started a health care business in 2001, robotics R&D in 2005 and succeeded those cutting edge technologies to 7D, "the lifestyle innovation company", which was established July in 2014.
IST group, another origin of 7D, has world wide share of printing bonding roller and SR has contributed many national space development projects, such as Hayabusa. 7D will expand the business based on these core material, mechatronics, medical device manufacutring, and visual analysis technologies proven over the years.
As a first business, 7D will sell disposable nasal medical device, Nastent, to release snoring and sleep apnea syndrome(SAS) from July 2014. Moreover, they started selling full made-to-order golf shafts, by leveraging measurement and designing technologies based on space satellite development technologies from March 2014.



The roots of Seven Dreamers Laboratories lie in Super Resin Industry, founded in 1957. Since its founding, they have worked on research and development of composite materials and mold processing, contributing to society as a pioneer of composites. From B2B to B2C, they've innovated and enhanced people's lives by thoroughly developing the technology that sticks to the needs of people.


The underlying strength of their company is measurement, they developed products, whose quality is at par with those of tools / equipment used in space by making full use of analysis and development techniques developed in the aerospace field.

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In addition to financing, we are helping them with their public relations strategy, contracts strategy formulation