Microwave Chemical Co., Ltd.

  • CEO:
    Iwao Yoshino



Revolutionize Chemical Industry by using a Novel Microwave Chemical Platform Technology.

Microwave Chemical Co., Ltd. (MWCC) is the first company to provide the chemical industry with an economically viable and a commercially scalable microwave platform technologies. The proprietary microwave chemical process involving a hybrid catalyst and flow reactor, enables MWCC to produce renewable fuels efficiently and at a significantly lower chemical cost. MWCC also develops ultra-fast, side-reaction-free microwave reaction systems for high purity fine chemicals such as drugs and electronic materials.



Associate Professor Tsukahara, of Osaka University, wanted to spread innovative technologies from Japan to the world. His strong zeal of starting a startup in Japan and also a startup which contributes to saving the environment led to the foundation of this startup.


The company’s stellar team consists of various experts such as researchers and engineers in the fields of chemistry and physics. This team has developed a proprietary platform to utilize microwave technology.

UTEC value up

UTEC was involved from the early stages of the company including funding their pilot. The company credits UTEC as one of the few investors who appreciated their technical capabilities and supported their plan of building the world's first microwave factory in a situation that most venture capitalists and bankers considered impossible for a start up to build its own factory.
  • World's first commercial-scale microwave chemical plant(3200 t/yr)

  • The second commercial-scale microwave chemical plant (Built in partner’s site)