• CEO / Founder:
    Hayato Kumemura



Democratization of Data Utilization with data handling and automated machine learning at its core

The company provides data science solutions to multiple industries with its core technologies of Data Lake, which integrates internal and external data, structured and unstructured data, and connects them to value, and AutoML, which automatically optimizes machine learning models to generate insights. The company provides data science solutions to multiple industries.



CEO Hayato Kumemura, who has been involved in launching more than 30 new businesses over the past 13 years in multiple companies such as Nikkei and Recruit and is also an invited staff member at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), founded the company in 2019 to specialize in new businesses using data science.


Linkage between geographic information and image analysis cultivated by JAXA, automatic machine learning technology to search for the optimal model without the need for the data scientist to be an expert, and a cloud development platform that enables the rapid launch of new applications.

UTEC’s value add

Finance support as a lead investor in Series A and beyond, overall management strategy including productization, collaboration with academia, introduction of prospective enterprise prospects, recruiting, preparation for IPO
  • The "DATAFLUCT smartcity series" is being developed with the theme of solving urban problems with data and realizing sustainable cities

  • "DATAFLUCT cloud terminal", a multi-cloud AutoML tool for building machine learning models with no code

  • "DATAFLUCT co2-monitoring", an environmental monitoring service that uses satellite data to visualize atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration and economic activity