Capex, Inc.

  • Founder / CEO:
    Shuntaro Kogame


Virtual humans who are close to humans

With the development of technologies such as VR/AR, computer graphics, natural language processing, and speech synthesis, the pursuit of human-like interfaces is advancing, and Capex, Inc. has released the iOS/Android application "PATONA" with mental health care as its starting point. By developing a dialogue engine, we aim to build a new relationship between systems and humans.



CEO Shuntaro Kogame, who served as COO at bitFlyer, started the company with the aim of solving social issues using new technologies such as VR/AR and natural language processing.


From the UI/UX of avatars to a dialogue engine with a unique algorithm based on emotional data, Capex aims to design a total interaction experience that enhances the closeness to humans.

UTEC’s value add

Lead investment from seed round, advice on general management strategy, recruitment support, product feedback and B2B expansion support

  • PATONA was launched for iOS and Android. Using the direct interaction with users as a starting point, Capex brushed up the interactive experience and expanded it to virtual humans