Aidemy Inc.

  • CEO:
    Akihiko Ishikawa


A leading company supporting the internalization of AI

Artificial Intelligence’s (AI) application has expanded from the ICT industry to a wide range of fields, including manufacturing, services, and agriculture & fishery industries. To train and increase the pool of AI engineers (e.g., data scientists using AI), who are in short supply today, Aidemy, Inc. operates “Aidemy” for both enterprises and individuals as a training platform specializing in AI programming for corporations and individuals. In addition to providing training to its enterprise clients, Aidemy also provides support services for building in-house operating AI systems for organizations.



CEO Akihiko Ishikawa majored in the field of applied machine learning at the University of Tokyo’s Engineering School. He realized the difficulty in acquiring AI programming skills. Thus, he developed “Aidemy”, to train and increase the pool of AI engineers, who are in short supply today.


Aidemy, Inc. operates “Aidemy” for both enterprises and individuals as a training platform specifically for AI programming. It also helps enterprises clients to internalize AI-related organizations and self-operate AI-related systems.

The company’s strengths lie in a great user experience that allows users to start learning within 10 seconds without any preparation, a strong track record of training more than 65,000 users as Japan’s largest AI training programming service, and an accumulation of know-how that supports clients in everything from organizational design to the actual operation of AI so that they can perform AI-based data-analysis in-house.

UTEC’s value add

UTEC supports Aidemy with financing since their seed-stage, building management strategies, team building and introducing potential clients.
  • Easy to learn, especially online contents

  • Internalization of AI-related organizations and self-operation of AI-related systems

  • “Aidemy Technology” – A platform simplifying AI operation