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  • Tomotaka Goji, Managing Partner, CEO and President of UTEC, has been appointed as the Chairman of Japan Venture Capital Association (JVCA).


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Tomotaka Goji, Managing Partner, CEO and President of UTEC, has been appointed as the Chairman of Japan Venture Capital Association (JVCA).

We are delighted to announce that UTEC's CEO, Tomotaka Goji, has been elected Chairman (Representative Director) of the Japan Venture Capital Association (JVCA) as of July 14, 2023.

The decision was made during the annual general membership meeting and board of directors meeting held on the same day. Along with Tomotaka Goji, Soichi Tajima, President of Genesia Ventures Inc., was also selected as the new co-chairman.

Furthermore, UTEC’s COO, Noriaki Sakamoto, has been named Director of the Planning Department.

In the subsequent lecture, Goji underscored the expanding societal responsibility of the JVCA, which now boasts a membership of 348. He highlighted the association's commitment to the sustainable creation of new industries and outlined its future management policies as follows:

-Proactive responses to immediate societal issues as well as medium-to-long term and future considerations. For instance, the association aims to provide policy recommendations and support to address Japan's declining birthrate and aging population, ensuring the continued growth of the Japanese market. Additionally, they will focus on enhancing research capabilities to foster the creation of internationally competitive startups in Japan.

-The 2024 Global Venture Capital Congress, a significant global event uniting venture capital associations from around the world, will be hosted in Japan for the first time.

-Promote the socially significant outcomes of JVCA's initiatives. These include past efforts to assess the fair value of funds and develop performance data. The future scope of the association’s work includes presenting data reflecting social impact, such as job creation and contribution to GDP.

Goji also outlined JVCA's ambitious goal of “increasing the total market capitalization of both listed and unlisted Japanese startups to 100 trillion yen by 2027.”

Mr. Soichi Tajima subsequently presented the following action plan to realize the goal:
1. Expanding Investment Capital
We will provide essential information and data to both domestic and foreign institutional investors, thereby increasing the pool of investment capital and making it widely available to startups.
2. Stimulating the flow of funds
By diversifying financing methods for startups, exit strategies for investors, and supporting corporate venture capital activities and startup M&A by large companies, we aim to foster the steady circulation of funds necessary for the creation of new industries.
3. Broadening the Startup Ecosystem
We plan to develop medium-to-long term policies through public and private collaboration to nurture an ecosystem where startups and leading companies of next-generation are continuously created. This will also involve visualizing the results of our activities.

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