Partner and Board Director


Hideki Tsuji focuses on investing in Japan-based open innovation that has a global impact. He helped expand the market for largescale megawatt battery energy storage systems in North America and Europe to help the promote renewable energy after the Paris Agreement. He also helped expand EV-friendly core modules to China and Europe and com-mercialize next-generation technolo-gies such as the next-gen SOFC-fueled cells in Japan and Europe. Prior to joining UTEC, he was a COO of an Internet software start-up. He supervised core intellectual property focused strategic planning and business development, later acquired by Sony Corporation. Prior to that, he worked on environmental energy and innovative promotion policies including the Conference of Parties III (COP3) at the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
Hideki graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Tokyo and worked at the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. He then joined Visionarts Inc. as a COO. Prior to joining UTEC in August 2006, he earned his Master’s degrees from at University
of Pennsylvania Law School, and London Business School.